RN positions on the outskirts of Indy?

  1. Please help!
    I am graduating in May with my RN, ADN. I would like to relocate to Indiana, but am totally unfamiliar with the area and market.
    My question is, how is the job market for hospital med/surg for a new grad with an ADN on the outskirts of Indy?
    Thanks for any and all help
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  3. by   hoosier guy
    Check on IU Health's website, they are afilliated with most of the hospitals in the state now.
  4. by   EmTheNewRN
    These links are copied from a discussion of Indy area jobs last summer:

    St Vincent Hospital St. Vincent: St.Vincent Health Employment
    Community Hospitals Employment, Hospital Jobs, Health Care Careers, Medical Education | Community Health Network (Many Jobs Here)
    Indiana University Health Hospitals http://www.iuhealth.net/portal/IUH/careers/ (Many Here too)
    OrthoIndy http://www.orthoindy.com/careers/
    Westview Hospital http://www.westviewmedical.com/index...=45&Itemid=102
    Rehab Hospital of Indiana https://tbe.taleo.net/NA4/ats/career...cws=1&org=RHIN
    St Francis Hospital Franciscan Alliance Online Career Center Announcements
  5. by   LadyRN10
    Thanks! I applied to one in Lafyette last night but the application process was horrific! I had to take a personality quiz, I had to sign a thing releasing my financial history! I am freaking out!!! I have a few blemishes on my financial history, so I am not that hopeful
  6. by   dcw132003
    hows the job search going?
  7. by   LadyRN10
    no one has gotten back to me at all. I have sent out a few applications and as for now have given up until I pass the boards..... Any suggestions are appreciated
  8. by   dcw132003
    try ltc (nursing homes) you can get the experonce you need there for a hospital
  9. by   chemochickrn
    It may be hard to get them to call you if you aren't living in Indiana yet. When we moved to the Indy area from Nevada, I didn't get one call until I changed the address on my electronic applications, and I was only applying to specific jobs where I had plenty of experience in nursing. Then suddenly the calls flooded in for interviews. I'm not kidding. One recruiter told me they don't like to interview people outside the area as they don't want to lead them on into thinking they will get help moving. If there is an address of someone you know that you can use, I would recommend using it. I would also mention in an electronic cover letter if you have a date to take the NCLEX.
  10. by   biblepoet
    They do not hire till you have a license.
  11. by   jsnyder0517
    Yes they do hire you before you have RN but you have to be here to start working ?! Lol. No but really you have to locate the facilities closest to where your moving and before you apply find a way (where there's a will there's a way) to call hr. ask them if they have a clinical associate program or a nurse tech program for nursing students or maybe say for 2nd year nursing students. They will like to hear that too. And then you can not waste your time applying to places that don't hire nurse techs like that.