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I've been a nurse now for about 11 months. I find it hard sometimes when looking for a nursing job in a hospital to find out the starting pay until the interview. So, why don't we use this post to... Read More

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    I work at st francis and i recently graduated in may. after our "cost of living increase" i make 22.05 straight pay plus i make 4 for night shift diff. but when i first started here before the raise i made about 21.00 i believe!
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    I jusy revisited this forum. Update about pay in my area of Hampton - $20/hr. I'll be getting the same amount of money in an area with a higher cost of living.
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    I am a recently graduated LPN in northern Indiana and I have 2 jobs in LTC. At one I make $13.50/hr, plus $1 on 2nd and 3rd shift. I knew the pay was low going into it, but wanted the experience. I work in a dementia/ALZ SCU. My other job is at the LTC I have worked at as a CNA for the past year. I make $17.00/hr, plus $1.50 on 2nd and 3rd shift. I think I might also get an extra differential on weekends there as well.
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    Is that VA Medical center. sir?
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    That's what I was thinking.
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    Quote from inmale
    Do any of the big hospitals around Indy still offer Tuition payback?
    Yes, IU Health and St V's both do
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    Quote from Bec7074
    Yes, IU Health and St V's both do
    So you know, this thread, seemingly like all the IN salary threads, is ancient. The particular question you were replying to is over 4 years old. A mod should really close these threads.
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    As of February 2012, new grads get paid $21 at St. Vincent in Indy. I left after four months and I'm now getting paid $32 in Vegas as a new grad. I understand the cost of living is lower but that pay is ridiculous and the benefits weren't very good. Older nurses told me that they received a 2% raise last year. Umm, what am I gonna do with $0.42?
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    I'm a May 2012 new grad and just thought I'd share some new grad rates. I was offered at all of them with the exception of Wishard, but know of someone who just got hired as a new grad there.

    St. Vincent $21.00
    IU Health-$22.00
    St. Francis-$21.50

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