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New grad hiring in Indianapolis?

  1. 0 I am currently finishing my nursing degree at a college in Iowa, we plan on relocating to Indianapolis this summer after I graduate in June.

    I was just wondering when hospitals in Indy hire new grads, can I get hired before taking NCLEX? Is now too early to start applying? Also wondering if there are any hiring freezes due to the economy sucking. I know our area has been through some layoffs and most hospitals are not hiring right now where I live.

    I do see a lot of openings for Clarian hospitals, so I've applied with them and St Vincent. Any info you might have would be great!!
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    Congats! I too am graduating here in a few weeks, and I know that there are several hospitals that are going through hiring freezes (mostly the smaller community hospitals), but there are many larger hospitals that are not doing this--I currently work as a SN at one in Indy. I know that many of the hospitals here will hire you and pay you as a new grad, and will wait for you to pass the NCLEX. Good Luck!!
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    Hi! Any input as to the hospital that you work at that is hiring new grads would be GREATLY appreciated and any other hospitals in the area also. I know St. Vincent's is not taking new grads and Clarian posts all require 1 year. Job market is really ugly! I worked at St. V's as summer nurse extern and let go of position to finish college 2 hrs away - wish I would have hung on! Again any tips greatly appreciated and lunch on me if we meet up in Indy! :spin:
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    Yeah, if you want to email me that would be fine!
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    As far as Clarian goes, I would call the nurse recruitment office and speak to a recruiter directly.
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    My employer, St. Francis in Beech Grove Indiana hires new grads. I don't know how often or how many but I see 5 - 10 yearly in the past 6 years just on my unit. I work on 9 Tower med surg. I often encourage nursing students to apply if I find them dedicated and caring. I have been able to work with some great new nurses. Often after 1-2 years they go on to ICU, ACC or PACU. I guess med surg is a great way to get experience before applying for crital care positions. Check out for current job openings. There are 3 campuses in the Indy area; Indianapolis or South campus, Beech Grove and Mooresville.
    Good Luck,
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    I tried that, left a message a week or so ago with no call back.
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    Thanks I hadn't considered that hospital!
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    how did the search go? Did you find a position and how easy was it for you. I am considering graduating a semester early, I live in Indy, but I have NO nursing experience. Let me know. Thanks