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Hi everyone, I've been researching for the past couple of days on LPN programs and I think that MedTech might be the best choice for me. I was wondering how many grads have successfully found... Read More

  1. by   IndyLpn317
    I graduated from MedTech's Greenwood campus 6 months ago. MedTech's 75th St campus is NLN accredited for their PN program, their RN program is in candidacy status. Both programs at the Greenwood campus are in candidacy status. Their programs are $25,000+ I have an interview with IU Health (formerly Clarian) on Tuesday. One of my former classmates works for St. Francis and another for Wishard. Most of my classmates went into LTC....most LPN's do, it's where the jobs are for LPN's. My class had a 100% pass rate first try on the NCLEX. MedTech has it's ups and down like any other place but the price isn't much cheaper than U of I. If you want to work at a hospital, going to a school with a better reputation will help you in your job search.
  2. by   IndyLpn317
    You pick day or evening classes (some campuses only have one option others have both) and then they give you your schedule. You do not get to pick the days or times. I went 5 days a week almost 8 hrs a day and clinicals were 12 hr days...even some weekends. MedTech's programs are accelerated to you learn 2 years worth in 15 months for LPN's and 18 months for RN's. My class learned 3-4 chapters a week per class....about 12 chapters worth in a week. It was hard but sooooo worth it. I was able to work part-time. Most of my classmates were single moms that worked too and they did it!
  3. by   TawniAline
    all i can say is i know 3 people who have graduated from med tech and not only was passing the boards way more difficult than it needed to be after finishing a nursing program (one of them still hasn't passed and it's been over a year and a half) but they have had a very difficult time finding someone that would hire them- I know that IU, Methodist, Riley, Wishard, and even many retirement homes will not hire from med-tech.. i have a hard time believing that the VA does (i saw someone mention that in another post) my best suggestion is to call the hospitals you have your heart set on BEFORE enrolling in their program but even then their hiring practices may change by the time you graduate... I have a hard time advocating for anyone to attend a college that I have seen lie to their students time and time again-- insisting to them that they were accredited and that they were working on obtaining nln accreditation and that it would impact their former students whenever they obtained it (which it will not) I just think it's shady business.. I went for a university i knew and trusted- IU-and if you go through IUPUI's prereqs and attend on IUPUI campus the tuition is affordable- passed my boards on the first try and had a job in the first month after passing my boards... just my 2 cents
  4. by   mslpnlove
    Well being a student that attends Medtech LPN program, and I can only speak for their LPN program. They are accredited through the NLNAC, you can go and check the NLNAC website. I don't know about the RN program so I am not going to speak on that, I do know that this is the first time that the RN program has been up for accreditation, and the first time that the LPN program was up for accreditation they did receive it. I wish people would not bash this school so much because it is a good school and their LPN program is a great program obviously, or they would not have received their accreditation the first time around. IU, Methodist, and Riley might not hire from our school simply because they are trying to phase out LPN's. They want either RN's with their associates or RN with their bachelors. I have spoken to the recruiter from Wishard myself and was told to fill out an application after I graduate and take the boards so I do know that they hire students from Medtech.
  5. by   Msre23
    Quote from xojulia
    Thanks so much! I've put MedTech at the bottom of list right now. I'm now looking into either taking pre-reqs at Ivy Tech or going to University of Indianapolis. My friend's sister goes to U of Indy and she's going to get some information for me. I'm just not sure I want to pay the high tuition! I have a meeting with Brown Mackie today, but from what I've been reading it's a terrible nursing program. So it'll go to the bottom of the list too. I have to say.. all this research is frying my brain.
    Your post sounds like its coming from me right now lol! Did u get more info? Did you start a program? Any recommendations I'm looking to find somewhere!
  6. by   xojulia
    Quote from Msre23
    Your post sounds like its coming from me right now lol! Did u get more info? Did you start a program? Any recommendations I'm looking to find somewhere!
    Harrison College East was finally accredited so I'm going to apply to the nursing program here. Right now I'm taking some of the general classes here at Harrison since it was too late to apply for the fall class. And I'm studying to take the TEAS test. So if things play out right I'll be in the nursing program this fall.

    Good luck in your search! I know that a few people have had really good luck with MedTech, so it's where ever you feel the most comfortable going to. You should set up meetings with all the schools you are looking at and they should help you with different options that might work for you.
  7. by   Msre23
    So do you know anything about Kaplan? And is medtech accredited now? When does their program start? I am actually in Illinois!
  8. by   Msre23
    Medtech is NLNAC accredited what was the reason you didn't do the program? Sorry for all the questions!
  9. by   sunnysideup09
    Med Tech is only accredited for their LPN program. Here is the link for NLNAC accreditations in Indiana.
  10. by   Msre23
    Thanks sunnysideup09, Do you know more about the program? Did you attend either?
  11. by   Tblock2010
    Did u have to pay out of pocket? I'm worried since I only have fasfa they might not cover all of it.
  12. by   Tblock2010
    Did u have to pay out of pocket I'm concerned I might have to for the LPN program I only have fasfa

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