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  1. 1 Has anyone been to MedTech in Greenwood or heard of it? Does anyone know if they have a good nursing program?
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    I'm a recent graduate of the MedTech College LPN program and I must tell you that they cram so much informatin into you that it is hard to remember it. I would find another school before I would recommend MedTech. I am struggling as a new nurse and wonder what my co-workers think of me.
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    Oh wow! Well, thank you for being honest with me. I'll look around and see what other options there are. I just want to get done as soon as possible. I was going to go to Ivy Tech, but you have to take pre-reqs first and their nursing program is very competitive. I heard that it's not as hard to get into MedTech. I'm going to one of the information sessions at MedTech tomorrow night.
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    You need to understand why it is so easy to get into Med Tech. They are a for-profit school. Any school that costs that much to get a degree, you really need to take a look at it. While you may earn a degree, the courses you take there will NOT transfer into another nursing program if you want to further your degree. Also, be aware that there are hospitals in Indianapolis that are not hiring graduates from Med Tech. While Ivy Tech is competitive, they take about 300 students a year. What other nursing program are you going to find that does that? Plus it's much more affordable.
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    I just graduated from MedTech with my LPN and I wouldn't recommend going there. Of course in the information session they make it sound so great but its expensive and they treat your like your in high school. The staff is manipulative and the enforce rules strictly for some and bend for others. Not a consistent school. Look elsewhere. At least I got my degree but that's the only good thing. I'm surprised I even made it out of there.
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    i just graduated from medtech and there is alot of high school type stuff. credits do not transfer and the whole thing about the hospitals is also affecting other small schools. medtech still has contracts with st. vincent, methodist, kindred hospital, and alot of nursing homes. they r trying really hard 2 move up the ladder and they r doing a pretty good job of it. the clinical director is also a member of the indiana state board of nursing. i believe in the very near future that their credits will transfer and that students will be able to get state funded grants.
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    I am currently a MTC LPN student and I have never seen a more unorganized, chaotic college in my life. I don't know how this school stays open. They allow all types of talking during tests, instructors are late to mid term exams, incorrectly grade final exams, and even so much as to argue with a decision made by the "interim" DON in front of a class of students and tell the "interim" DON that she will not drop a test question b/c she feels it is a fair question even though the DON told the student that it would be dropped and the "interim" DON backed down to the instructor. About 6 weeks ago, the DON resigned effective immediately and now this is their second "interim" DON since. About 2 weeks ago, the Director of the Campus, the Director of Financial Aid and the Dean of students all resigned effective immediately on the same day! Does it get anymore suspicious then that? I am being told by the RN students that are due to graduate in December that they are being forced to retake two classes that they already passed because MTC provided them with LPN books for the class - at the time the students brought this to MTCs' attention and MTC said it was a non issue - now MTC is making them retake the classes and pay for them again!!! That is nuts!!! I am currently looking into another program to transfer into. I want a solid education and I am not going to receive that here - at this point I don't really care about having to retake everything b/c MTC credits are NOT transferrable. The information that I already learned will only help me at another school and I will be able to get a better education somewhere else and not have to hear "You went to MTC?"with disdain in the persons voice b/c that is exactly what happens when you tell ppl that you attend MTC. This is my life, my future and my career - I want to find a reputable school that acutally provides a solid education with rules that apply to all students (at MTC the rules only apply to some students - others get special treatment) and that really wants to work with their students - If anyone knows of a good nursing school in the Greenwood area that doesn't have a waitlist please let me know!!!
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    Boy am I glad I didn't choose to go to MedTech after reading these posts!! I got in to a nursing school in Louisville, Kentucky called Galen College of Nursing. I started last week and absolutely LOVE it!! They treat everyone equally and everything is done the way it's supposed to be done. It's great! I am so happy I decided to look into other schools besides MedTech! I don't know of any other nursing schools in the Greenwood area though, UnhappyMTCstudent! I'm sorry!! Good luck though!
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    Let me just tell you, I allowed Med Tech come into my building for clinicals and I see how unorganized, unprepared, ............SCAREY!! I hired one prior to the clinicals and felt like I was the instructor on simple things like, calling a MD. Giving insulin????? You bascially pay for your title. I dont recommend it
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    I am currently an RN student in Indy. I am sorry that you are not happy with the program you have graduated from. I am an LPN and graduated from IVY Tech. MedTech is a brand new school, and they are working diligently to make it a school we can be proud of. It is an acclerated program. Those who are not happy with it, how much studying did you do on your own? You can't expect to learn everything in the classroom without taking the responsibility to learn and research things at home. As far as the person who wrote that we are paying for out title, did you discuss with MedTech how you felt about their students? Give them advice? For the one you hired, sometimes new nurses need to gain confidence. Are you a nurse? Don't you remember what it was like the first time you were out on the floor?
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    I'd be ****** if I spent $30k on school and couldn't even move on to get my bachelor's
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    Quote from kgle
    I'd be ****** if I spent $30k on school and couldn't even move on to get my bachelor's
    LOL :chuckle
    I would ****** be, too!!
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    Actually, you can go on to Indiana Wesleyan to bridge RN-BSN.