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Has anyone been to MedTech in Greenwood or heard of it? Does anyone know if they have a good nursing program? :)... Read More

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    anyone planning on attending here?? or anyone going here? tell me more about it???
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    I am getting ready to start MT in July and I was wondering if there is someplace people can by used books for the PN program? Is anyone willing to sale their books?
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    I am supposed to take the Teas Thursday...even if i pass it. can medtech still denie u in the nursing program. or are u just put on the waiting list???
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    you have to pass at med tech with a forty soething for the LPN or a 51 for the RN. If you don't pass you can re take it again. Good luck!

    Basically Med Tech is the first 30 people to get everything in and pass the TEAS are accepted. I was accepted to start in October and changed my mind last minute. I had everything done in 2 weeks so it's not that hard. Just gotta get on it.