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If you're interested in pursuing this program, beware that you are going into a program that will leave you scratching your heads as to how unorganized it is. Course content in pathophysiology and... Read More

  1. by   ladyultimate
    Clinical rotations are hit and miss, but most of them are wonderful. Many of the instructors are great, but there is a high rate of turnover so there are a lot of new great instructors. Clinicals are 1-3 days a week. As far as adequate support.... I think so? I don't know what you are asking. In clinical, yes, plenty of support. In the class material there is less support. Some professors are really hard to get a hold of. I will not comment as to when I graduated or how much left I have in the program. The program is small and I would like my identity to remain anonymous. I do feel prepared to take the boards. They really do everything they can to prepare you. You even have to wait until you pass a Kaplan class before they will even let you apply for your license.
  2. by   sunnysteph87
    Ladyultimate would you mind telling me why you don't know if you would recommend the program? I am on the wait list for another school (Union) and just trying to weigh out my options.
  3. by   hcconnie
    Is anyone currently attending or will be attending in Jan? I'm looking for apartments in the area but I don't know the good and safe areas of the city. I'm coming from GA and I'm thinking about attending in the Jan class. Any recommendations?

    I should specify that I'm looking in Indianapolis.
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  4. by   sunnysteph87
    Anything around Vanderbilt is safe. Anything around st Thomas west is safe. Bellevue area is safe. Parts of east Nashville are ok, but some are still sketchy depending on where you are.
  5. by   hcconnie
    Thank you but I forgot to mention I'm looking for Indianapolis!
  6. by   Pilolo
    @hconnie, or anyone else planning on the Jan'17 cohort, how is your application to Marian? I'm hoping to join the January cohort and I'm entirely unaware of the specific details of the program. Any help??
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  7. by   Pilolo
    EyeheartNursing_RN, BSN So how has it been so far? Are you in Nashville? I am hoping to start in January and wanted to learn more about the program details, challenges or expectations.

    I'm coming from a hard science/engineering standpoint (although I had worked as a CNA as a college student). Any pointers will help, please
  8. by   Tippela
    Hi pilolo- I am applying for the may 2017 start date. Are you going to start this January?

    Any tips you can offer me as far as information you've received prior to starting?

    good luck to you!