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If you're interested in pursuing this program, beware that you are going into a program that will leave you scratching your heads as to how unorganized it is. Course content in pathophysiology and nursing care for the adult... Read More

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    Hey all! Thanks so much for your help and discussion. I will be starting the Marian program in Nashville in January. I have just finished my pre-reqs. As far as money goes, the only other program that is accelerated around here is Vanderbilt and it is just as expensive as Marian. Anyone else consider Vanderbilt over Marian?
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    Hey Seekans any luck on finding housing? I just applied for the program and I am praying to get into the August term. It's such a quick notice if I get in or not so I am starting to look for housing now just in case.I think one of my biggest problems will be finding a furnished room because I wont have any furniture.
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    Hi ladyultimate!

    I am in the process of applying to Marian's Nashville program. When did you find out that you were officially accepted?
    I am hoping to start in January too!

    I considered Vandy but I thought they only had nurse practitioner programs?