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lpn then transisition?

  1. 0 I'm looking to apply by sept 1 for spring at ivy tech. The only prob is only 1 of the 3 surrounding campuses offer asn in the spring. Ill of course apply for that but I don't have as high of a score as I could and was hoping to better my odds. In my region (which is only lpn for spring) I have a 198 and at the other 2 I have 195. Would you go ahead and apply for lpn and then immediately transisition or wait til next april and apply only for asn? My ultimate goal is to be a rn. One pro to lpn is id only have to drive the first year and finish within 10 min from my home while transisitioning (but asn or lpn is not offered). I hope this makes sense!
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    Do whichever route makes most sense to you. Some people wait until after their first application to an RN program is wait listed or rejected before they go the LPN route.