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  1. 0 For LPNs that went to JEL or know students that go there...

    How intense is the program?
    Are you working?
    How are the teachers?
    How are the clinicals?
    Are you planning on going further in your education?

    Thanks in Advance!
    P.S You don't have to answer all the questions
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    I go to JEL. I am 1st semester. You can work and do the program. Especially if you have taken anatomy and know math well. I only have to take pharm, fundamentals, math, and contemporary. I do not have to take anatomy bc I received a credit for it bc I took it within the last 2 years at Ivy tech. I work 1 day and pick up shifts here and there. You can work. Many of my classmates do. I chose not to continue full time bc I have children too.
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    Thank you! I may you see you there!
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    i just passed my det test for j.everett !!!
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    Good job!! I am in second semester! Good luck to you!
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    hey what does the det all includes? is it hard?
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    Quote from AmbitiousT
    hey what does the det all includes? is it hard?
    You cannot apply to JEL anymore. They've decided after 40 years to close the LPN program. They are trying to fight to stay open but the first semester class is the last class that will graduate from the LPN program.
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    I just read your post about J Everett Light is closing the LPN program. I was looking into the program it sounded so good. Is it really true they are not taking anymore applicants? Do you know any other LPN programs besides Medtech.
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    Yes the last class is going to graduate in December 2014. I am in the second to last class. It is sad bc so many people loved this program bc it was small and it didn't have a lot of people in it.