J. Everett Light?

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    Anyone attending J. Everett Light this year?

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    I am currently trying to get into the January or August class. I have to retake my DET test.
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    Quote from Radnursewannabe
    I am currently trying to get into the January or August class. I have to retake my DET test.
    I am in for January. I was enrolled at Ivy Tech so I already took a TEAS and they accepted that.
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    Congrats! Let me know how the Financial Aid process went please! I meant let me know how it works. If you can.
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    Yeah I am in the works on that. I filled out a FAFSA and my loans are something I need to discuss with them.
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    Cool! I need to know how theirs work. I'm not sure my financial aid will cover everything because I did my 1st semester at Ivy Tech so Im not sure what else I have remaining. I also heard you dont really get a lot of refund money back. Thanks!
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    I went down there tuesday. I qualify for a full pell grant but it doesn't cover all expenses. Especially for the summer session. Summer session costs $2400 out of pocket unless you have a full pell grant. Mine will be 1300 that is covered for that session. So I took out loans too. I will get $ back. But I will use it to put away $ for that summer session. You also have to pay for your books up front about 450-650 for books. Also a application fee of $100.
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    Yeah I figured that much. I passed my DET and I will be starting in August. I have to save $$$ for that. Thanks for the information! I appreciate it. You made me feel better about my decision to start in August. Good luck with your classes!!!
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    I started the program! Much luck to you when you start in August. I would set back about $700 for school at least. Books are about $500 then you have a couple other fees (lab kit, lab shirt, parking permit, etc)
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    Congrats!!! How is it going? I know your only a month in but is it super intense? I had an interview with the director and she said she suggest students not work. In my situation I can swing it for a semester and thats about it. So I might have to.

    P.S. Im in for August!

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