Ivy Tech, Spring 2012, waiting on 'the letter' Ivy Tech, Spring 2012, waiting on 'the letter' | allnurses

Ivy Tech, Spring 2012, waiting on 'the letter'

  1. 0 All applications for Ivy Tech's ASN are in....Who is waiting with me? What campus did you apply at and what was your score?

    I applied to the ASN program at Lawrence, with a 165.4. Score was not as good as I wanted so I applied to the LPN program too. Keeping my fingers crossed that one way or another I will get into either program.
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    Its been a long road to get to this point. I have applied at Lawrence campus. All A's and a 74.7 on teas. Total adjusted 164.3. Not great. Not feeling like its going to be enough. My fingers are crossed, and just hoping maybe for an alternate seat. Good luck to everyone
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    Hello Everyone! I applied to the ASN and PN programs at Lawrence and the PN at Columbus. I have 163.7 in points. I got all A's and wish that stupid TEAS test didn't count as much as it does. I'm hoping and praying I get accepted into one of the programs. Good luck to everyone!
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    Hi all,

    I applied at Gary and Valpo with a 169.3. Some days I feel really good about that score and some days I don't....they said they'll get the letters out "on or by October 1" but I already find myself hoping to see the envelope in the mailbox. It's way too early for that isn't it?

    Good luck to us all!
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    Just got my acceptance letter for the PN program at Columbus. Still keeping my fingers crossed that I get in the ASN in Indy. Just happy to be moving forward !
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    I applied to Anderson LPN; Kokomo ASN and both programs at Lawrence. I didn't track my score. I got my first acceptance letter from Anderson LPN!
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    I have applied to the Terre Haute program for ASN. Anyone heard from Terre Haute as yet?
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    I GOT ACCEPTED TO MUNICE LPN!! I'm soooo excited. Good luck everyone!
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    Sitting here .. waiting !! Applied for LPN at South Bend... starting to get very impatient.. checking the mail everyday! Keeping fingers crossed for everyone! I know I have been working towards this for 6 years and I feel so close!
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    I've applied to Kokomo, Terre Haute, Bloomington and Indy (ASN programs) and have nothing from either of them. Getting very impatient, but what else can we do but sit and wait!
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    Got my acceptance letter today for Lawrence ASN program!! So excited I didnt think my score would make it!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!
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    Just got my acceptance letter from indy. My score was 164...I think. Such a relief.
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    I got my letter of acceptance to the lawrence campus LPN program today but never got a denial for the RN program.. Did anyone get a letter of denial? Im wondering because how do they do the waiting list?? Just curious but thankful for the LPN spot