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Ivy Tech, Spring 2012, waiting on 'the letter' - page 2

All applications for Ivy Tech's ASN are in....Who is waiting with me? What campus did you apply at and what was your score? I applied to the ASN program at Lawrence, with a 165.4. Score was not... Read More

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    I applied to both programs, but just got the RN acceptance letter.
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    I just got my denial letter from Lawrence for both the ASN and PN programs. I have 3 other places that I'm waiting to hear from so still keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Brink317 - what was your score, if you don't mind me asking?
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    cperry, my score was a 165.4

    Best of luck to you at the other campuses!
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    I got an acceptance to LPN program for Indy.....
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    I didnt get a denial for the RN program either So i have no idea! If you find out something keep us posted. Otherwise I will see you on October 25.
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    received the 3rd denial letter. One more chance to be accepted. Come on Terre Haute, be my winning ticket!
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    Cperry, Have you considered applying to the LPN programs also? Both programs are competitive but if you get into to one then you can always bridge into the RN. Something to think about, when I started this process I thought I would be disappointed if I got LPN. However, getting the LPN acceptance letter was very exciting. I just want to be a nurse and this is just the path that I need to take. Keep your head up! Sorry that you got the denail letters that stinks.
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    RethaB123 - Last fall I applied to both the RN and LPN and was denied. I didn't even bother with LPN this time because I figured if I don't get the RN this time, I'm just not meant to be a nurse. Plus, I have a son going away to college next year and we can't afford to have two of us in college at the same time. Good luck to you though!
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    I applied to the ASN & LPN program at Ivy Tech in Valpo. I have all A's and a 78 on the teas. I applied in the fall and got in at Gary for the ASN & denied initially at Valpo, but then was called and offered a spot, BUT they screwed up my math and I wasn't able to take 136 in time, so I'm applying again... I just applied to Valpo this time though, Gary is too far. ANYWAY, I have called the school several times to see where the darn letters are, as of yesterday (Monday, the 10th), they STILL had NOT gone out! They said they have not gotten the clearance to send them out from the central office yet, who knows, just passing the buck around is what it sounds like to me... frustrating!
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    I just called today and rejected my spot at Anderson. So one of the alternates should be getting some good news. I am attending Ivy Tech Indianapolis.

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