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  1. I'm applying in April for the Fall '10 ASN program. I have all As on my pre-reqs, and got an 85 on my TEAS. I didn't study that hard for the TEAS and didn't do so great on the science section (I think I got a 72) because of all the physics and chemistry questions.

    Do you think these scores are good enough to get into the ASN program? I know it's pretty competitive.

    I can take the TEAS one more time, but not until March 30th, and that's two days away from when I have to turn in my application! I'm not even sure if I'll have my scores by then, since I had to take the TEAS on paper this last time.

    Any feedback is much appreciated!
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  3. by   bizandgray
    I'm at Lafayette too!! That's exactly what I have...all a's and an 85. I think that should be good enough, but I really don't know. I'm retaking it again on March 31st too. I wonder if it will be up online or paper and pencil like last time. We are going to be cutting it close! Last time the scores were up the next morning, so since we're taking it at like 9:00 am I would think it would be up that night. (hopefully)

    have you heard of last year's cut off scores? I want to know how competitive it is at Lafayette...because really I don't have a clue!
  4. by   bizandgray
    By the way...have you already signed up for the re-take? when i signed up on february 24th, there was only 4 spots left.
  5. by   ErinRN2B
    I checked the other day and it was full. I just hope my score are good enough for me to get in. A 208 isn't that bad is it?
  6. by   bizandgray
    A 208 is great! I'm sure you'll get in. At most campuses, I think that if you get a 200 or above, you should be good.

    Good luck!