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Thought I would start a thread to see how many people were applying to Ivy Tech's Fall 2012 nursing programs. I will be applying to the Fort Wayne campus. Looking to see if they are any others out there who might be joining... Read More

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    Quote from Cattleshowmom
    Thanks for the pep talk. It's not so much the waiting I find that's stressful for me, although that in itself is certainly nerveracking.. it's the lack of coordination between the differing campuses that bumfuzzles me. I realize the number of applicants varies greatly from campus to campus. A pool of 400 possible candidates would take much longer to evaluate than a pool of 75. HOWEVER, with that being a given, I fail to see the reasoning of sending out letters from all the campuses over such a wide span of time, especially knowing that people apply to more than one campus. It is difficult to know if you are going to turn down one campus if you have not received an acceptance letter from your first choice. It seems to me the best option would be to simply tell all campuses to have the letters ready to send out on ______ date. Pick May 30th, if that is what it takes to get them finished, and then we would all not need to go through this longterm anxiety. This is not the first instance of lack of coordination that puzzles me. Some offices provided an official manila business envelope to turn the application in, with the envelopes having a place for the applicant's name and program applying for. Also included was a stamped envelope for the student to address for the department to mail the acceptance/rejection letter in. Other campuses just had a mesh mailbasket, (left unattended, I might add) to place your application in. Did placing my application into an unattended basket make me a bit nervous? Yes, I'm sorry to say that it did. In one office, the staff gladly helped me to doublecheck I had every piece I needed... another office, the staff said, "No way am I going to help you. If you can't read directions yourself, then how on earth are you going to make a good nurse?" and although that was just a wee bit snotty,, she made a valid point.
    I suppose I expect more professionalism and coordination between the campuses, and protocol that all follow.
    Anyway, I'm keeping busy to pass the time. there is always endless cattle work around here that needs to be done, tomorrow being no different.
    I completely agree with you... there is no doubt about the incontinuity between campuses and even at the same campus. In a perfect world things would be as you describe. Sadly, at least at Lawrence, I've found that, at times, there's the same jacked up process during the program. Like not knowing your clinical site until the last minute (so what if you have a job, kids, etc.) or a time change of an exam that an instructor tells one class, but not the other class. It seems as though the campuses require us to be professional, be on time, etc., but they are not held to the same rigorous standards. The only good thing that comes of it all is that you get to bond with people you meet (on message boards and in the program) where you're all going through the same thing and can vent about all the inconsistencies and frustrations.

    Even though it seems like you have to go through torture, it's all worth it!

    Hang in there!
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    On a side note... Some of us have crazy (and other inappropriate adjectives that come to mind ) jobs that we hope to discard when our dreams come true. Once the congratulations letter comes :spin:, there is a mandatory meeting that must be attended . My lovely vocation approved all the days I asked off for ... except THAT one! I stormed in there and after some healthy communication found a manager and took my note and talked to them about it. One of them finally fixed it for me. Becoming a nurse is way more important than my present job . I don't know how I'm going to work during that first semester , but if there's a will there's a way! I guess I'll just work week-ends.

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    Another day of waiting. While its been frustrating and time consuming these last few weeks (stalking the mailman and the message boards) I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that God has brought all of this far. I still don't know which campus I'll be attending but I'm sure wherever I end up it's where I'm supposed to be.

    Congrats to all who have been accepted and to those still waiting. Waiting is a step closer and is teaching me patience, and patience is something I will need more of in the next two years, I'm sure.
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    I'm crossing my fingers for all of you still waiting! Hopefully those letters will be there today.
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    I'd like to think that I have always been a very patient person, but when it comes to waiting for the letters; well I am going crazy This wait is brutal.
    I'm hoping the best to you all!!
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    I"m not even going to be home until very late tonight... moving my daughter into her very first "grownup" apartment...She just graduated with a BSN in nursing from University of Indianapolis, and already has a job at University Hospital, downtown. Let's say a prayer that the letters are in the mail today. God certainly has a sense of humor. I know I need to learn to be patient, but God, does it need to be TODAY?

    Good luck to all!!!!
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    Just recieved conditional acceptance into Richmond ASN.
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    Congrats kiche123, very happy for you.

    No letters in the mail today,ugh!
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    Thank you!! If you don't mind me asking, who are you waiting to hear from jgtdolphin?
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    I applied for LPN & RN at both Lawrence and Anderson. I got accepted into LPN at Lawerence, but really REALLY REALLY want RN.
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