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Just wondering if anyone out there has taken Dosage Calculation and/or Medical Terminology at Ivy Tech. I am considering taking these even though they aren't required for the Nursing program. I am worried that I'll need to know... Read More

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    Quote from beckersSN
    I took med term and it was awesome. Everyone keeps saying that it's a good filler class and that just isn't true. This class should be required for the nursing program. It makes everything that could be gibberish to you clear. When instructors are talking a mile a minute about things you have never heard of many times you can put together what they are talking about with your understanding of medical terminology. Take it! It is a time saver once you are in the nursing program so you don't have to stop and ask what they are talking about every 5 seconds. It is a pretty interesting class as well.
    I absolutely agree with this. In my experience in nursing school so far-they've not gone over the prefixes and suffixes of words or root words and if you don't know those IMO it takes a lot more time to catch on. I am so glad I took this class and I also agree that it should be required for the nursing program. I really enjoyed this class.
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    I took Medical Terminology Fall '07 semester on the recommendation of a friend of mine that is a RN. It has already helped me out when I took ANP 101 & 102. I was already familiar with many things that my instructors were lecturing about.

    She suggested this class because she said it would help to know this stuff before becoming a nurse, instead of struggling to learn it later when you are working at your first nursing job.
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    I took medical terminology Fall '07 at the suggestion of a friend of mine that has been a RN for ten years. It has already helped me out a lot when I was taking ANP 101 & 102. I was already familiar with a lot of the terms that my classmates had to look up or ask the instructor about. I would definitely suggest that any nursing students take this class. In fact, I don't know why it isn't required at Ivy Tech-I know of some other college nursing programs where it is required.
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    if your are taking your preqs and not applying this yr ( not sure if all the pn positions are fullied but i know most rn's have gotten their acceptence letters) then i would take them while you are waiting to get accepted.
    Med term will decrease time looking up words you dont know and help break them down into suffix, pre-fix, etc. Def helps!
    Dosage cal- yea you buy a book and take a state math test in fundmentals or medsurg 1. but like others have said it is all self taught. plus we had to go online and finish math quizs. the first state math test you have to pass with a 80% of 20 questions. the last state math test taken in ob or med surg 3- like other poster stated is a lot harder. 20 questions and have to get 90 %, only missing two questions. however you do get 3 tries.
    i am not sure why they are not require it, a lot of the students wished the dosage cal was required.
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    I just registered for classes today at the Valparaiso Ivy Tech. I was taking Math, English Comp, First Year Seminar and Interpersonal Communication to begin with, but the counselor I spoke to then encouraged me to take Medical Terminology in place of Communication. He said it would help me out immensely once I started taking APHY 101. This isn't a mandatory class, so I'm wondering the same thing. Is it worth it? Or did I just screw myself over, giving myself a class that I don't need in place of a class that I absolutely do need...?
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    med term will definitely help you in the future when you have to take anatomy & physiology. if you have enough time to take it I definitely would. interpersonal comm is a very easy class, so if you're worried about being overwhelmed with your other classes, I would take this with them...because english and math can be hard in certain situations.

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