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Hello! I'm starting this thread to chat with others that havE recently been accepted into an RN/LPN program at Ivy Tech. I got my acceptance letter today from Indy for the RN program. I was so shocked that a. the letter came... Read More

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    I'm getting so excited for orientation. It will all seem so real then (:
    I was wondering if you guys think it'd be a good idea to maybe grab lunch after the meeting.
    It'd be good to go in already having a few connections. I also think that we could discuss all the
    information we were given and bounce things off each other (: Let me know what you ladies think
    about this and we will set something up if you guys agree !

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    I think that sounds like a great idea. I unfortunately have to go back to work after orientation, so I don't know if I would be able to make a lunch after. I love the idea of getting to know people before we start though. We're going to be together for the next 2 years so better start getting to know one another.
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    Just wondering if anyone who accepted a position into indy asn also applied to terre haute and plan on declining if accepted. I an the first alternate and an just waiting on one decline!
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    cadymariexoxo- i'm sorry i didn't see your post in time but I would have gone to lunch with you. I am excited to get our schedules because I would like to see if anyone lives close enough to carpool and share the cost of gas. I live on the west side of Indy in the 46241 area code. Does anyone live near that might want to carpoool?

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