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This thread is for all of us who were lucky enough to get into the Ivy Tech ASN/PN program for the Fall 2011. Many of the threads are concentrated on the TEAS test, scores, grades, and acceptance... Read More

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    Yay! Yes, I will see you next week. It will be nice to know someone before the program starts!
    I checked out the stethescopes. They look pretty nice. I would be interested in going in together if we can find a few more people. I just have to find out for sure what is going on with financial aid first. I possibly have a scholarship (crossing my fingers) that will pay for all tuition, books, and required supplies, so don't want to spend the money out of pocket until I find out if they will pay for it first.

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    Btw, how much is your CPR class gonna cost you? I've looked at a couple different ones, and the cheapest one so far is 60 bucks.

    And you know, between the stethoscope, the scrubs, the CPR class, the lab fees at Indy, the background check, the physical, the immunizations, and probably at least 100 bucks of other stuff I'm forgetting/don't know about, my poor little piggy bank's going wawawa all the way home

    Just gotta keep telling myself that it'll all be worth it in the end lol.
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    Oh I feel your pain! I wish there was a way to atleast get a little money up front for all of this! Right now, I am trying to pick up some overtime to pay for everything until the financial aid (hopefully I get a refund) comes in or I hear about a scolarship. The CPR class that Red Hot Mom and I are signed up for is $50. I also talked to St. Elizabeth in Lafayette, and they told me $50 as well. So, I am thinking $50-$60 is pretty normal.
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    Check your school's bookstore for stethoscopes and other equipment. Most schools with nursing schools, with bookstores, carry recommended stethoscopes. A Sprague is a good bet and not too expensive, if your school approves that type.
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    I just received my acceptance letter today!! My letter doesnt say anything about immunizations or anything? I have a seperate sheet that goes over the CPR, but thankfully my job at the hospital has me certified through red cross already. I'm assuming that the immunizations will be gone over at the orientation, but I want to make sure I have enough time to get them all done before school starts! Anyone else going to Evansville for the PN program?!
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    Congrats on your acceptance TSullivan! I think I have come to the conclusion that none of the letters are the same! You would think there would be some standard info included in all of the letters, but from what I have seen, we all have little bits of info. Like someone else said, if we could combine all of our letters together, we might have the necessary info! Our orientation for Kokomo is June 16th, so I hope that we will get all of our other information that wasn't in the letter at that time. That still gives us about a month and a half before everything is due.
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    I was sitting here thinking about gas prices and my commute to campus in the fall. Is there anyone who lives near the Flora area that would be interested in talking about a carpool to the Kokomo campus once we figure out schedules?
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    Hello, just got the Lafayette acceptance letter, ASN, and am wondering if anyone else out there is going to go to the Lafayette Campus, would like to say hey and such.

    Congratualtions to all of those accepted, the first step in a never-ending journey.
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    Congrats on the acceptance to Lafayette! I too got the Lafayette acceptance letter today. I have already accepted kokomo's ASN program, and was sure I was going to stick with that...but now, I find myself wondering about Lafayette. Oh the decisions! I guess either way it will open a spot for one person to bump up at either kokomo or Lafayette.
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    I got my acceptance letter to Lafayette ASN program today too! I am so excited, I can't wait for orientation on the 23rd. Congrats to those who also got accepted to Lafayette

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