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Ivy Tech ? about TEAS cut off scores/pre req grades

  1. 0 If you have been accepted in either the LPN or ASN program would you mind posting your scores?

    I was talking with a girl in my ANP class today, and was kind of shocked by what she told me.

    She said that Kokomo had vacancies last semester in the LPN program and that the cutoff for the ASN program was 79 TEAS/3 A's 1B on the pre reqs. That sounded pretty low to me.

    I got an 87 on my 2nd TEAS and I have all A's on my completed pre reqs and currently an A so far in ANP 102.

    I told myself I was going to stop stressing and obsessing, since May is so far away, I am afraid I will drive myself crazy.

    BUT... when she said this I was so excited to think my chances were good that I may get in. Yet, I am scared to feel any kind of confidence, until I get that acceptance letter.

    I know all Ivy Techs differ as far as competivesness, but I'm trying to get a feel for what my chances are.

    Thanks for your help.
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    It all depends on what Ivy Tech you apply to. They take the applicant score and get a mean average. Anything above gets in, anything below gets a denial letter. And also it depends on how many spots there are vs how many applicants.

    If you are getting all A's and have an 87, I am sure that you will get in.

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    I am currently in the ASN program and received all A's in the four prereqs and an 88 on the TEAS. Hope that helps.
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    Thank you for your responses Ms. Frog & Dannelboo.

    Dannelboo what Ivy Tech are you attending?

    Congratulations to you both on getting into a program

    I'd still love to hear from others about their school's cutoffs.

    Thanks again
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    Thanks!! I go to Indy.
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    I'm in the ASN program at Bloomington Ivy Tech. I got in with a 91% on TEAS and 4.0 on pre-reqs.
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    I completed my LPN at Ivytech. At that time, they used PSB scores. I was just accepted into Valpo's transition program. The score needed usually depends on the pool of students applying and their individual grades and teas scores. I would think you should be in good shape with your teas score and all A's in the prerequisites.
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    WWM1nurse Thankyou for the vote of confidence

    Congrats on getting in at Valpo and good luck!!!

    Thanks Jackson and congrats to you as well!
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    I recieved an 82.5% on the TEAS, and 2 A's and 2 B's and got in Muncie's transitional RN program. I have been an LPN for 2 years this May. I just got my letter last week.

    Good Luck,
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    Congratulatiions MuncieLPN

    and Thank You!!!
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    I just got into the LPN program at the Muncie Ivy Tech. I had 3 A's 1 B and an 83% on my TEAS. I would have gotten into the RN program but I was planning on moving to Bloomington and didn't think to apply to the RN. Didn't end up moving so I got stuck with just applying for the LPN. No complaints though
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    Hello all and congrats to those accepted!

    I was just accepted to the Fort Wayne Campus ASN program with 4 A's and a 95 on the TEAS.

    I signed up for my classes a few weeks ago and am excited about starting my edjamacation.

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    My total point average was 194 and I was given an alternate position. Today at oreintation I found out that I got in! Yeah! I am so excited. They stated that this was the smartest class they have had in 10 years. They did have over 10 people refuse their spot so I got in. They actually sent out several more alternate letters to some people that were denied a spot before.

    Congrats to all those that are in and keep on fighting to those still waiting.