Itt merrillville 2012

  1. Hey, is anybody looking to start ITT's [FONT=arial black]March 2012 program? Are their any students attending the Merrillville RN program?
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  3. by   christina88
    I'm thinking of going to this school, I'll be watching this post...
  4. by   YourHero
    Yeah did you take the test?
  5. by   christina88
    no.did you take the test?what test is it? and did u get in?are u attending now?
  6. by   Almost2beaNurse
    Can someone please Tell me about the Hesi Exam.Im Taking the Test in Feb 2013 at the Merriville Campus in IN. I would like to know is the test some what like the Study book.PLEASE HELP!!!
  7. by   YourHero
    The test is over basic skills that are at the 10th grade level.

    Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Math...... No Science

    The test is about 2-3 hours, if you want to take a practice exam

    go to and purchase a similiar test that will measure what you know.
  8. by   Almost2beaNurse
    Im having a hard time with the fraction math section.Im not that great when it comes down to math.I pretty much got the rest of the study book down packed.I dont know what to do im so scared im going to fail the HESI EXAM cause i have no idea how to do the fractions.What should i do? I really want to pass the test!!!!Please Help!!
  9. by   Sarnol007
    I just got a call today for acceptance to start March 18, 2013.. Do u still attend there, hw do u like it??
  10. by   YourHero
    I love the program. Straight to the point, no nonsense. Children get weeded out.
    Here's the two issues that I would consider. They have initial accreditation from the State of Indiana, but they aren't recognized by the NLN accrediting committee. Most Hospitals only want BSN prepared nurses CCNE accredited and if they do take an ADN they need them to be accredited by NLN. Not a big rift, because you can always obtain a BSN after you finish.
    Chamberlain in Tinley Park has a really great program too. Kinda on the expensive side 85Kish.
    They should be able to take your HESI scores they require you to have a 2.75 GPA either from High School or college.