How many students does Ivy Tech Indianapolis take?

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    I was wondering if anyone knew how many students Ivy tech in Indianapolis can take each semester? How competitive is it?

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    120 in both the fall and the spring. It is pretty competitive. If you get a C in any of the prerequisites, it will be hard to get into the RN program. You need to have mostly A's and a good TEAS score.
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    thanks for the reply!..120 is alot..the muncie ivy tech only takes 30!...Do you know about how many apply in indy?? I will have 2 A's and 2 B's and yet to take the TEAS test...would it still be hard to get in with those grades?? Do you know of any easier schools to get into??
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    Depending on your TEAS scores, you won't have any trouble getting into LPN with two B's, but I only know of one or two people in my class who got into the RN class with one B. Good luck.
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    No nursing school in this area is easy to get into. Most require close to a 4.0 GPA due to the influx of pre nursing students.
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    I got into the Muncie and Richmond transitional program with 2 A's and 2 B's on my classes and an 86 TEAS.
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    There's some hope!..What semester/when was that?? I talked with the admissions lady in muncie and she pretty much told me good it wouldnt be possible.. She said like 300 people applied last semester...
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    Well, to be fair, the transitional program is LPN-RN. If you are not already an LPN then those scores wouldn't apply to your applicant pool. Transition students are accepted only among themselves, not with other ASN applicants. So yes, two As and two Bs would be difficult to get in with. It all depends on the grades of the other students applying.
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    How good of a TEAS score do you think I'll need if I have all A's on my prereqs? I'm applying both at indianapolis and anderson...but now I'm worried..
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    I have A's in all of my courses and an 81 on the TEAS test. I'll let you know here in a few weeks.

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