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Hey everyone. I just applied to the ASN program in Muncie. The deadline is April 1st. Does anyone know how long it takes before the letters are sent out?? I think I'm more stressed now than I was... Read More

  1. by   coltsgrl
    13 days til letters go out!!!!


  2. by   obicurn
    6 is a pretty good number. I'm certain my grades will get me in but there's still that "what if" factor. That and I just don't like to wait.
  3. by   coltsgrl
    hey indy~ we are on here entirely too much! lol

    my online chemistry class starts tomorrow, so i guess ill have to trade allnurses for blackboard

    wish me luck, and you have a wonderful summer off!:weathersunsmall:
  4. by   2bNurse Elizabeth
    Quote from coltsgrl
    13 days til letters go out!!!!


    The last I heard, letters in Richmond won't go out until mid to late June. The nursing admissions person is out after having surgery, so they'll be delayed. This waiting is gonna make me nuts! I'm really confident, but patience is not my strong suit! I'd have to give myself a 7.
  5. by   coltsgrl
    sorry bout ur wait 2b...that sux!!
    i hope nothing is holding up the lawrence campus, I'm pretty confident too, but I just want that letter!!!

    good luck to all!!!
  6. by   obicurn
    Yeah, we are here too much. BUT I'd rather be here than doing laundry. That is what I'm currently putting off!!
    We had a good weekend....went on a motorcycle run for charity and I decided that I'm going to take the ABATE classes and get my endorsement. I'm sick of being a rider...I want my own bike =)
    One of the others girls in the group we ride with is wanting to do it too so I won't be alone. Yay!
    Tomorrow I have to get back to the grind around here.....filling time until 'the letter' arrives.
    I wonder if they'll decide to be nice and sent the letters out early.
  7. by   wishNhopeNdreamN
    my stress level is at about 5.5

    I'm not stressing out too much that I won't get in. I just want to know one way or the other all ready. I'm pretty confident, but I wouldn't bet the farm.

    I wish I would go to bed and wake up and it was June
  8. by   coltsgrl
    good luck on the ABATE class! I'd be right there with ya if I had the $$
    I finally got started on my laundry too, been doin it since 6am! Everything is almost completely clean and ready for 10 weeks of dust bunny chemistry class starts today (that is if they get blackboard up and running!!!! but thats another story) sooo, i'm sure ill be stuck in that book til adv physio starts next summer life for me! ahhh well
  9. by   obicurn
    Good luck on the Physio....just make sure you stay on top of it and don't get behind. And a heads up....the cranial nerves chapter SUCKS! I never did quite grasp all the info.
  10. by   obicurn
    Sigh. Another day....this is KILLING me!!!! :deadhorse
  11. by   coltsgrl
    if you get entirely too bored...i've got about 8 loads of laundry! lol just kiddin....but this summer we should get the kids together, I have a trampoline and swing set tower, its a long drive for you tho
  12. by   obicurn
    Long drive my foot......Ry goes of his meds in the Summer and I'm sure you can imagine how the days are around here if he isn't occupied with something. Friends are always a good thing!!! LOL
    They all got along so great....I was impressed =) They would love to play. My ex husband and I trade off during the summer 2 weeks there, 2 weeks home, until school starts back.....let me know when a good time is and we'll work something out.