Has any one dotten into thw Ivy Tech LPM-RN

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    I have been trying for 8 yrs My grades are 1-A, 2B, and 1-C My TEAS was 72.9. Has anyone ever gotten in with a C and a low TEAS score. Thank You

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    Well your grades are better than mine, I did score higher on TEAS test. Just waiting to hear if I got in. Where have you applied? How long have you been an LPN-8 years, WOW you are stronger than I am I would have gave up, probably will if I don't get in this first time. Getting to old may just switch positions.
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    I'm not sure but I heard it's as competitive as ASN...i don't know about other campuses but INDY campus is the most competive and with those grades & TEAS score..it can be very hard to get into...
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    swater - have you tried taking any of the prereqs over or retaking the TEAS? You might be able to get a higher grade, which could make your score more competitive.

    Good luck.
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    I was in the first LPN-ASN program at the Columbus campus Ivy Tech. It ran from May 2004 to May 2005. I was the only male in the class. I have been an LPN since Sept. 1995. I was on the Dean's list twice and was just a few points of graduating with honors. I took the RN-NCLEX 3 times and failed 3 times. That's just me, 80% of the class are now RN. So keep trying.
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