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Hello All, Just to let you know, Harrison College has gotten NLN accreditation (thanks to my class!)!! Wahoo!... Read More

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    I am a recent Harrison grad and just wanted to share my opinion. Myself and many of my friends were able to get jobs in hospitals with no problems at all. I currently work at IU hospital and have classmates at St. Vincent and Community. The program does have its flaws like every program I think however I am glad I chose to go to Harrison. Almost all of my class has taken boards and with only a few left we currently have a 100% pass rate. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message
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    Quote from ladytee2010
    @ EmOgle27

    Congrats! I was considering going there this Fall but I am kind of hestiant being the price of the program almost $41000, that's an really expensive ASN program, also hardly any of my credits will transfer maybe 3 classes out of like 12. How do you feel about the loan situation? I plan on one day having my master's but I don't know how possible that would be with me already having so much out in loans already. I mean like are there lots of grants, or scholarships to get because really that's the only thing that is standing in my way is the amount of money. Could you please provide me with as much information you are willing to share, it would be appropriated? Because right now I am so lost and I don't know which way to go. Please help! You could email be at tburse2@ivytech.edu.
    Doesn't it concern you at all that Harrison won't accept your transfer credits? I'm not trying to be overly critical, and of course everyone's situation is unique. But personally, I would never pay that much for an ASN program.

    I had a lot of friends in the newest graduating class from Ivy Tech that are struggling to find jobs as RNs. I have one year left and I'm hoping that I can find a job somewhere, even if it's not my ideal position. Indiana is turning out so many new nursing grads right now that your job opportunities are going to be limited simply by being a new grad. A lot of hospitals want nurses with 1-2 years experience. I can imagine that grads from schools like Harrison, that aren't as established and well-known (or well-received), will have an even harder time finding jobs. Just something to think about. Many of the hospitals that are working towards getting magnet status are now only hiring BSN-prepared nurses, and a lot of BSN programs won't accept credits from Harrison.

    That $40,000+ is going to take a long time to pay back, and you may not be able to get financing to pursue any further education - if you can even find a BSN program that will accept your credits from a private, for-profit school. Right now it seems like the only options for BSN programs are other expensive, for-profit schools. Everyone knows that public schools like Ivy Tech, Purdue, IU, and IUPUI are competitive and hard to get into, but I don't think that attending a school like Harrison is the solution to that problem. I have one year left at Ivy Tech, and when I graduate I will have about $10-12k in loan debt - and that's including all the loans I have taken out to help pay my bills and personal expenses while I'm not working.
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    ErinRN, you make valid points but there are so many other factors to consider! What about the person who posted before you that said she has a job after going to Harrison? I know people that went to IUPUI and can't get jobs. I think a nurses likelihood on getting a job after school has to with past health care experience and quite frankly, who you know. In this day, I feel like most people have the job they do because they knew someone, who knew someone, who had connections. I also agree its A LOT of money but if your dream is to become a nurse should the money matter?? I don't know, its just not as simple as just the money for me... Also IVY Tech doesn't have the best rep for their credits transfering either. I have submitted my transcripts to two schools in Denver, and both wouldn't take any credits from IVY TECH, they said their science classes were too basic and not enough credits. There is just so much to consider! Personally, EmOgle, I would choose the program the feels right to you! I am also worried about the load situation because I, too, think I may want my masters but who knows, things change.
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    Hi. I'm a cna. & I'm strongly considering going to harrison to get my asn. Does anyone know how long it takes , going full time
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    As far as I can tell, Harrison College is a great option for people who have the money to pursue an expensive nursing degree and do not want to waste time competing to get into other schools. Even after using FAFSA and twenty-first century scholarship, i will have about $40,000 worth of debt when I finish there. I am greatful though because I went to IUPUI and there are 30,000 people who attend there, so just imagine having to compete to get into their nursing program! I believe that in order to even be considered for IUPUI's program, you would have to have a 3.8 GPA. My mom is in nursing and she said that she thinks that it is a good idea that I attend Harrison because many people spend years and years trying to get into a nursing program. I however don't like the idea of wasting time, I have a lot of schooling ahead of me and I don't want to prolong it.
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    if u are planning on going to Indianapolis-east campus the program is 21months
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    How was the atmosphere at Harrison? When I went for orientation it seemed very intense. Does the staff treat the students good?
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    I got my MA degree at Harrison College and I love all the teachers and staff there. They are very nice and helpful. Now I want to go back to become an RN; the only problem is that Harrison only offers day classes . I don't know if I can go to school during the day, unless I find a job at an immediate care after hours OR my fiance suddenly becomes a manager at his company.. SIGH. So I'm looking at Fortis College, which I hear is accredited as well.

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