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:confused: I'm so confused! I have a few basic questions that I'm hoping someone can answer for me. I've looked through the other threads and can't find anything. I can't find anything on their site... Read More

  1. by   kgle
    Quote from dizze98765
    Nah, online tones are hard to tell. Sadly I am extremely bound by cost. I have an undergrad degree already and have near maxed out my undergrad loans. I basically need to get through this will as little money as possible...

    Yeah same here. I just cannot afford to pay that much money a year for nursing school plus pre and co reqs...Ivy Tech is really a godsend for me.
  2. by   pnkrocdevil
    Quote from Ginger Vitus
    I didn't mean to be so harsh in my tone-I meant to say that Ivy Tech, just like every school trying to woo prospective students, makes promises or dangles possibilities that never come to fruition once you have actually committed. Don't expect the faculty to have any sympathy for your situation.

    Have you checked some of the for-profit schools around; medcheck, Indiana Weslyan, ect. The cost may be prohibitive, but they tend to me flexible.
    I would not recommend either of those programs to anyone, as they are not accredited by the NLNAC. Completion of an accredited program is often the first thing that potential employers look at.

    Dizze, as far as insurance goes I know that the SNA (student nurse association) has an insurance program that you are eligible for once you become a member. I think membership is required at some, if not all Ivy Tech campuses. You can get all that info on their (SNA) website. I do know that Ivy Tech offers classes and clinicals that start in the morning and afternoon/evening. Not sure if you get to choose or if that is done for you. I did read somewhere that classes are chosen by rank order (admission points), those higher on the list get first choice. Every program has it's good and bad points, you just need to find the one that is the best fit for your situation. I chose Ivy Tech because of the cost, locations, credit transferability, NLNAC accreditation, and course availability. Also I think you asked about admission times? Most Ivy Tech campuses are offering admission in Spring and Fall now. They just won't count credits that were completed the previous semester, ie you can't use a class you completed in the fall for admission to spring start in January. Classes taken in the spring semester will count for fall admission as there is the summer semester in between. Ivy Tech does offer a lot of 8 week accelerated courses, so yes, it is possible to complete your prereq's in one semester. Good luck to you!