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Fall semster

  1. 0 So, what classes is everyone taking this Fall? How far along in the program are you?

    I'm in my 3rd semester of the RN program. I'll be taking Psych nursing, Complex Family nursing, & a non-nursing co-req class called Professional Presence. At least I can take Professional Presence online!

    Has anyone noticed that it gets easier every semester? Second semester was so much better than first. This semester, I'll only be on campus 1 day a week and my books were 1/2 the cost of previous semesters.

    Good luck everybody!
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    Where do you go to school at?
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    I sure hope that its like that here!!! (Valpo) Ive heard horror stories about what Im going to be going through.
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    Quote from indymom4
    Where do you go to school at?
    I go to Ivy Tech Bloomington.
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    I am starting the first semester at Indy on the 25th. We are taking Fundamentals with Lab, Med Surg with Lab and Clinical and Pharm.
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    I loved Pharm. It was my favorite class of 1st semester. It just seemed to "click" with me. Fundamentals was mostly things I'd experienced as a Tech. The Med/Surg 1 tests were the hardest part, but it seemed like each one was easier than the one before it.
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    I'm trying not to stress too much ahead of time. I'm sitting here tonight looking at this massive stack of books that have taken over my coffee table and thinking "Uh Oh!!"
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    I finally got the books yesterday.....my thoughts exactly...uh oh!