Didn't get in to the nursing program at Ivy Tech for Fall 2011?

  1. There are so many threads out there that are for the people who got accepted into the nursing programs that I felt that one was needed for the people who didn't get in. I would first like to offer congratulations to the people who got accepted! YAY! You have quite a road ahead of you, and good luck!!
    For the ones who did not get accepted, this thread is specifically for you. You are in good company. Let me start by telling you a bit about myself. I am a mother of four, ages ranging from 16 to 2 years old. I am a wife, student, and cake sculptor. The first three jobs are full time, and the last one is, well, whenever anyone wants a cake. I applied to the IVY TECH program for the Fall of '11 and I was rejected. I had an overall score of 164.something. I had all A's in the prereqs and a 74% on the TEAS. I did not study for the TEAS, which, I am sure, is what negatively affected my application.
    So, now, what I am planning on doing is studying my butt off for the retake of the TEAS. I have purchased the ATI study package and signed up for some fall classes. I am retaking Math 136 because I received a 'B' in it. The reason I am doing this is because if I still do not do well on the TEAS, I will transfer back to IUPUI and apply to their BSN program. (IUPUI tells people that a 4.0 is not necessary, but it is if you want to be a shoe-in.) The other class that I am signed up for is Advanced Human Physio. I don't think I want to take Micro and 201 in the same semester, so I will hold off on micro until the spring, regardless of whether of not I get into the program for the spring. I have also thought about taking Finite, so that way I would have all of my bases covered if I did need to apply to IUPUI, as finite is a prereq there.
    So, that is my plan. When I first got my letter, I thought I was going to just sit and cry. I felt so dejected and wracked my brain thinking of what to do. But, my husband was there, and he was very supportive. He said that there is always next time. And he was right! Now it will not be about me simply getting in to nursing at some point. It will be about me rising up and proving to myself and others that I can do it. I think that with this mindset, I am more excited to be doing better, and getting better prepared for anything that is thrown my way. WORLD, WATCH OUT!! Here I come!!!
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  3. by   Whispera
    yay for you for such a positive attitude, MommaFields!
  4. by   Tasha192006
    I recieved my rejection letter as well today. I have had A's in all my classes except A&P. In that class I received a D. What happened is that my daughter had ended up having to have many surgeries so I was more worried about her than my class. I was asked if I wanted to sign a waver asking if they would wave the A&P but apparently they didn't. Because in the letter they stated that the grounds for rejection was because of my A&P grade. This just gives me another year to retake the class and work harder.
  5. by   Momma_Fields
    I can certainly understand that, dear. I would have done the exact same thing as you had it been my child. I'm amazed that you were able to stay in the class at all! That's shows your will and determination to not give up because of hard times!! Good job! I know that a "good job" won't get you into the program, but it is nice to just hear it, sometimes. Good luck on your retake of A&P. What campus are you at?
  6. by   Tasha192006
    I am in Arkansas going to Arkansas northeastern college. Came across your post while googling letters for nursing programs.
  7. by   Momma_Fields
    Wow! You're quite a distance away! That's the beauty of technology! I'm glad you found it!
  8. by   Whispera
    Tasha, we need more nurses like you...who understand what's most important...
  9. by   my2girlskk
    Hi, there! Last nov '10 I was rejected from 3 ivy tech campuses. Only other people who have been rejected after months or years of hard work can truly understand what that feels like. I think your positive attitude is inspiring, and I would like to offer some encouragement. After receiving my rejection letters, I too decided I wasn't going to give up on my dream. I started looking into other colleges and applied to IUK's nursing program in april, and was accepted!!! I am starting in the fall and couldn't be more excited. I kept my rejection letters as motivation and now they're framed right behind my acceptance letter. My kids are young (4 and 2) but I figure this will be a good lesson for them later in life to never give up on your dreams. Good luck to you! You can and will do it.