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Has anyone taken Com. 101 from Ivy Tech online? How are the speeches delivered since you aren't in a traditional class setting? I am very interested in this because I hate speaking in front of a large group!!!!!! Any... Read More

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    I know that at IUK you are required to have 101 for their BSN. I still took 102 online. I think it relates better to nursing. I so plan on getting my BSN so I will still have to take 101 sometime. So, it would be cheaper and less classes if you just go with 101. But I am so freaked out about talking in front of people that I would rather put it off for now.

    BTW, the 102 does transfer. and will be counted in the cluster for gen ed courses.
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    Quote from lmartin126
    Will com 102 transfer for a BSN? I thought I would have to take com 101 in order to get credit toward my BSN, but if not I will definently take 102!
    Yes, definitely! I've intended to get my master's since going back to school, and I have the prereq schedule for every BSN program in Indiana printed out lol. I'm actually hoping now to do Frontier's ASN-MSN Bridge, so which prereqs I do is less critical.


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    I am a current nursing student at Ivy Tech Indy and I recently talked to an IUPUI recruiter and she told me that the COMM 102 does transfer. (And good thing, because that is what I took and it was easy). Hope that this helps.
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