Cna program at Ivy Tech South Bend?

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    Hello all. Does anyone know if Ivy Tech South Bend has a cna program? I am looking to start the nursing program next year but would like to work as a cna while in school. ( Maybe weekends). Do you know how much it costs and how long the cna program is? Could I still work while getting my cna cert? Thanks everyone in advance.

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    Yes, they do have CNA classes.

    Idk if you are looking for summer or fall...

    Summer is TWR 04:00 pm-07:00 pm CRN 14124
    Fall is TWR 04:00 pm-08:30 pm and TWR 4:00pm-7:00pm

    This course is 5 credit hours. Current cost per credit is $105. So total cost would be around $525, plus any extra costs.

    If you worked a day job you could probably do this program since it is at night.

    I'm pretty sure the program is 2-3 months long. I'm not sure though.

    Good luck!

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