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Does anyone know of anywhere in or near Lafayette, IN or Danville, IL offering CNA classes? I'm starting my pre reqs for nursing this Fall but was wanting to find a cna class this summer. Also, if you take the classes and get... Read More

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    Quote from Aongroup1990
    try miller's merry manor. it's free completely and all around northwest indiana.
    I know the 3M ranch!!!! That place goes way back.
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    A few weeks ago St. Anthony Home in Crown Point was advertising CNA classes. If you took the classes and worked for them afterwards, your fee for the classes was nothing. I don't know if you got the freebie free up-front or got it reimbursed after you worked awhile....
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    I just applied for this cna training program, can you tell me all that you know about it? I just went in and took the little test and did my application and the lady said I will get a call if I past the test and if there is room for me in the upcoming cna classes.
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    I don't know any details, christina. I read about it in the newspaper. St. Anthony Home is a good place, in my opinion. I think the classes will be worthwhile, and you'll get be a CNA at the end of them. The test you took is probably some sort of aptitude test to see if you're likely to be successful in the course.

    When will you hear if you get into the classes?

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