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    Help! I'm currently an Ivy Tech NW student. I was accepted to University of St. Francis, Crown Point, but it's sooo expensive and a lot of the classes are "projected" from Fort Wayne. Ivy Tech's LPN program is almost impossible to get into (though I will try). Are there any Brown Mackie grads out there that have passed and are working??

    Just a thought...I just want to be FINISHED! THANKS

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    Hey, can I ask when you found out when you were accepted to USF? Do you know when their deadline was to turn everything in?? Thanks!
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    steer clear of Brown Mackie. my hospital will not consider their grads for employment. Stick with Ivy Tech, it is worth it!
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    Brown Mackie is not nationally accredited, which means if you should choose to continue your education, your courses you spent your time and money taking would not count. Also, that facility has a horrible reputation (for good reason) and I know the hospitals in my area will not only not hire their graduates, but will not allow their students in for clinicals in their acute care facilities.
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    Amen about Brown Mackie!
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    smokey--sorry, just saw your message--call ****** at usf, she's very helpful...matilda, what hospital do you work at?
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    I work at Methodist Hospital.
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    DO NOT GO TO BROWN WACKIE. I don't know if you saw the article in the newspaper about them, but getting a degree there is basically worthless. Literally no classes transfer, and most hospitals have banned brown mackie from working on their units because of some past stuff. ****** ****** at USF is very helpful, just stay the **** away from ***** ***** like she has the ******* plague. If you take the time to sit down and meet with financial advisors at st. franny, i promise the education will be so much better, and it's actually an accredited program...which means more schools will let you transfer gen ed classes, maybe.
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