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  1. Hi all. I am new to this site so I was unsure of where to post my thread. After two years of waiting (marriage & kids) I've finally decided to go to school for nursing. I am curious to know of what fort Wayne residents in a nursing program think is the best local school for a RN degree. I have looked into.Huntington college, saint Francis (expensive), indiana university Purdue university fw just don't know if its right for me. I have heard ivy techs wait list is ridiculous. Employers that I called about Med tech were 50/50 about hiring. I just had a nurse that worked in my Dr office say the school don't matter. I've recently discovered Breckenridge itt. I know.they aren't accredited. I would like to possibly go for my masters from wgu. My goal is to work in a nursing home in an Alzheimer and dementia unit. Also I would like to teach cna classes. Please help. I am ready to go to school. Looking for advice on above schools. Thanks in advance (:
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  3. by   usfnurse
    I go to St Francis and LOVE IT! It's a wonderful school, albeit expensive. They really work with you though on financial aid matters. I just finished my first semester in the ASN program. Oh and FYI St Joe hospital downtown has a geri-psych unit, since you said you were interested in working with dementia/Alzheimer's clients. By the way, med tech, itt, brown mackie, etc will cost almost as much as St Francis and hospitals are really side-eying those schools. Lastly, it you get you BA from SF, your MA (FNP) is 1/2 price there : )
  4. by   libran1984
    Ivy tech does not have a wait list. You simply keep applying until you are on par with all the other straight A students who have amazing TEAS test scores.

    But emphasis on the fact that they do not have year long wait lists. They do have what is called an "alternate list" of students who have applied with excellent scores and are to be accepted under the stipulation that someone declines admission to the program (ie: I was accepted to 11.. or 12... W/e... Different ivy techs this year. I declined all but one, thus opening up a spot in the other 10 or 11.)

    I personally love Ivy tech because the entire program is around or even under $10,000. Books and all for the whole thing.