Average registered nurse wages in Indy

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    I posted earlier w/ no response. Can anyone on this forum tell me what experienced nurse wages are (on average) for the Indianapolis area? I have 7+years of experience in acute care hospital nursing (RN). I am considering a move to the area, but I am not sure the wages here can sustain my current quality of life.
    Thanks in advance for any response.
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    You can get a pretty good idea by using the salary wizard at Monster.com.
    I think the salaries are closer to the 25th percentile end than the 50-75 percentile end of the table. This doesn't necessarily take years of experience/career ladder placement into consideration for the salary ranges.

    They also have a living expense calculator that allows you to compare two cities for wages and living expenses.

    I find this more helpful than just knowing the salary range.

    I hope this is helpful.
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    New RN grad base pay at area hospitals start in the $20 - $21 range. Add more for work experience; evening, night and weekend differential. In addition, Indy is a relatively inexpensive city as far as housing is concerned (although the 'burbs can get pricey on the north side!) Where are you coming from?

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