Anyone going to Valparaiso ABSN in May 2011

  1. Hi everyone

    I was just accepted into Valparaiso University in Indiana for the ASBSN program for May 2011, Has anyone graduated from there or heard anything about this school. Has anyone else been accepted to this class. I found a few threads but not many.I am sort of excited because I went to Penn state for 2 years and transferred to lasalle university nursing program this fall but the tuition is to high for me.They want me to do an extra year but I wont because of the tuition so I decided to go to Valparaiso so that I can graduate on time in August 2012 instead of 2013. If you have any advice or comments please share.
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  3. by   winnieander
    I'm currently at Valpo for the ABSN program. I would not recommend coming here if you have other choices available. Tuition is way too high for the quality of education. The nursing dept does not tell you how much the 15 month program cost, I had to do my own calculation to estimate how much the 15 months will actually cost.. and they raise their tuition 5% EACH YEAR. Student accounts and Financial aid are both useless.

    I'm halfway done w/ the program so it's too late for me to go somewhere else... but for anyone else who's thinking about coming to Valpo for ABSN program... Think twice before coming here.
  4. by   Taurus12788
    How much does the program cost? you didn't recieve much finical
    Aid? Do you feel like your not receiving a good education ? Where else donuou recommend applying to?
  5. by   Taurus12788
    Where else do u recommend applying ?
  6. by   valpo_absn_program
    I see that I'm not the only one who thinks badly of Valpo.