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    I'm transferring to Uindy next semester from Ivy Tech! My advisor said that I shouldn't get my hopes set on getting in for Fall of 2011 because of lack of seniority.... but I'm shooting for 2012! I can't wait to be a nursing student!

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    That great!!! Yep, to get senority you have to take at least 24 credit hours at the u of indy school. Yes, at university of Indianapolis....your future is very bright!!!
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    Yes, I did get into clinicals! I start in January! UIndy has started a new section of spring clinicals! I'm very excited and I'm sure you will do very well yourself! It's been rough. Taking organic chem and physio together made me so upset, I cried 24/7, but this semester has been fantastic! How's your's going?
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    I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I get in. I doing well. I am in "Abnorn. Psyc, Sociology, and a math class ....just getting my 24 hrs. Was it hard for you to get in? How was the GPA rank? Yes...I heard the opened a new BSN track for Jan!!!
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    What's this? They're accepting students in the Spring, now? Is it only for BSN?????? I couldn't find anything about this on the website....
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    Its not on the website...but Yes it is only for the BSN....a friend of mine in my abn. psych class starts in January. I think this is a great thing!
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    I am so glad we could find a support group for Uindy...LOL.....unlike Ivy Tech..LOL
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    Yes, they did officially open up spring clinicals!! YAY!! I don't know if it's only BSN or whether it includes ASN or not. The gpa rank was rough. I ended last semester with a 3.1 and was waitlisted for the fall, but accepted for the spring.

    twoods2, I was like you just trying to get in my 24 hrs to get first priority. So, are you applying for the spring semester?

    Kool-aide, this is the first year they have ever done spring clinicals, so I think they're going to see how it goes. I'm not sure, I imagine they won't officially announce it until later this year. They didn't take any new applications for this first spring semester. They only accepted people who got waitlisted and others who got turned down but had the required 2.82 GPA. I think because they are getting so many applicants who are qualifying for the program that are eligible. They had 100 applicants this past spring and only 64 BSN spots.
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    Oh wow...Okay. Well...Looks like I need to keep my GPA high. I am applying for the spring semester ASN...Hopefully I will get in, if not I will apply for BSN as well.
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    That is good that they decided to accomodate the people who were waitlisted, or not approved...that is a blessing!!!

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