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    Yes! Very true twoods2. I think BSN clinicals were harder this past semester to get in than ASN, but definitely just work to keep your GPA high. I think the ASN program only had 64 applicants and 58 spots, although, I'm not 100% sure. Just make sure to take organic chem if your going to potentially apply for the BSN program, because it's required for BSN clinicals but I don't think it is for the ASN.

    But, keep up the hard work! It'll definitely pay off for all of us!

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    Hi I am in the same position. I just transferred from Ivy Tech after spending almost 2 years there. Because of my lack of UIndy credits, I probably wont apply to clinicals until Spring 2012 for Fall 2012 start date.. What classes are you taking this coming semester? Good luck!!
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    Hi Twoods I too transferred from Ivy Tech with all of the pre and corequisities completed for their RN prgram. I wondered if all of your A&P credits transferred? I ended up having to take physiology at UIndy because they accepted my A&P credits from Ivy Tech as just Anatomy.. Thanks in advance!
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    Hey falon...yes they took mine, but only because I had Microbology, and advance Physiology too.
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    Random question... Does anyone know if UIndy offers classes that are needed for nursing in Spring 2011? I was looking at what "I thought" was offered and NONE of them where anything that I needed. I am hoping that I was overlooking something, because I am trying to accumulate enough credits to apply for clinicals in April 2012!!
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    Just got accepted for clinicals starting August this year! WOOOHOOO! Just wanted to post here in hopes of finding others that are starting in the fall! The more study buddies the better!
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    Congrats RN2be!!! If you don't mind be asking, what kind of grades or goa did you have? I'm just trying to prepare myself
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    Hi all! I'm not a UIndy student...yet. I'm planning on getting my ASN from Ivy Tech, and then going on to do an RN-to-BSN program at a university. I've been looking into UIndy's program, and so far it's actually one of the best ones I've seen. (I say that mostly because it's the only program that conducts its nursing courses both in person and online. Plus, since they offer a discounted rate that rivals the public universities' rates, it seems even more appropriate a choice.) I, however, do have some questions that I'd like to ask about the general education requirements they have for their RNtoBSN. 1) They offer all of their gen eds as accelerated courses, should someone choose to take them that way. I've not really been able to find out how short an accelerated course actually is, or how intensive it is. Would I be able to stack up 12 credit hours of accel. courses without wanting to blow my brains out? 2) How do the tuition and the financial aid work with doing those that way? Say, for instance, if an accelerated course lasted only 8 weeks, could I take 12 CH of accel. courses for the first half of a regular semester, and then 12 CH of different accel. courses for the second half of that semester and only have to pay for one semester of classes?

    Thanks in advance for any responses/guidance you all offer me in regards to this post!
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    Hello Everyone! I hope this message finds you all doing well! Just wanted to let you guys know that I made it into clinicals at the University of Indianapolis!!!
    I love this school!!!
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    So great to read all these positive comments about the University of Indianapolis! I too am starting classes at UIndy. I am transferring also from Ivy Tech. I will be taking A&P over as it didn't transfer, thankfully my other classes did. I will also be taking Discovery Math class. I am hoping to get into the asn nursing program in august 2012!! I have some co-workers who got their nursing from UIndy and there are great nurses and think highly of this school, so I think its a good choice. My only concerns are figuring out how to come up with the funds for the tuition. But I know that it will work out somehow. I hope that all of you are still loving the program. Does anyone have any advice for me as to where to purchase my textbooks? I was going to buy used but they don't come with the CD and I am afraid I might need that for the class, so leary about doing used or rental for that reason. Thanks for any insight you may have for me

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