Any new ASN IVY Tech Fort Wayne students?

  1. I am starting the Fort Wayne Ivy tech ASN proram this fall and was wondering if anyone else on this board was also accepted?

    I thought it might be great to share information and perhaps even form study partnerships, if that works out!

    I had signed up for my classes last week and am getting excited!

    Take care,
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  3. by   XB9S
    Congratulations and good luck, keep us posted as to how you are getting on
  4. by   ErinRena
    I just finished my first ASN semester here at Fort Wayne and still feel like a newbie! I know all the professors and all about the courses you're about to take... if you have any questions, I'm sure I have answers! I have horror stories as well as really great stories...
    Get ready, those first five weeks you hit the ground running, and you don't stop!!! Be thankful for those first five weeks to adjust to how the nursing courses are run, though... when you get into Med Surg week 6 as well as your LTC clinical, you will miss those first five weeks that you THOUGHT were hard... It's intense! If you have any questions let me know! I'll get back to you asap!
  5. by   BigT

    Thanks for posting. I was starting to feel so lonely here...

    Well that helps that you are a semester ahead of me. I got my book list and am amazed that we need over $1000 of books. Did you wind up using all of them? I know for some of my other classes I rarely cracked a book and hate to have to buy unnecessary things. Everyone keeps telling me that the nursing program moves fast and furious, I can't really see how it can do that, but I guess I had better come prepared for the ride.

    Well hopefully some others might chime in later....

    Thanks so much,
  6. by   ErinRena
    I managed to knock a lot of money off of books through Amazon. And YES you will use all of them! And they are books you will most likely keep and will be useful to you in your career, so don't feel like they are a total waste of you will never crack them open. YOU WILL. Everyday for the next 4 semesters of your life. When you start doing care plans and really need your drug book, med dictionary, etc... you'll be thankful they made you buy all of those books.
    Fast and furious does not begin to describe it! We learned how to give bolus feedings/PO meds via feeding tube and then two weeks later were doing it in clinical! Most of us had zero health care experience beyond doing it on a dummy once or twice in lab. Our clincical instructor was letting us do things we did NOT feel prepared to do... get used to the feeling though, I don't think we ever felt prepared for anything... it's just go, go, go... trying to cram everything in your head...
    When you find out who you have for lab, let me know... I hope that you get Carol and Brenda!! I heard that you guys will be the first group to have time limits on doing procedures... probably because we were taking too long! Some people were taking nearly 30 minutes to insert their catheters... I don't know how we ever got through that course.
    I wonder how much you will be balancing along with nursing school, a job or children?? I was amazed at the single moms/single dads working their way through the program... Amazing.
    I came here half a year ago looking for Ivy Tech Fort Wayne students and found none.
    Nice to meet you!
  7. by   bdwdg
    I am applying for the spring ASN in fort wayne. Would you mind telling me what scores you had to get in, or what the cut off was? Thanks!
  8. by   ErinRena
    I heard by word of mouth (reliable word of mouth) that the cut off for my group (we started in January) was 185 points.
    That is much lower than normal.
    I had well over 200 points when I applied and got in easy...
    I would recommend shooting as close to 200 as you can to be a sure bet :wink2:
    Any other questions, let me know!
  9. by   BigT
    I am not sure of the cut off score, but my entrance score was 218. I would of been real shocked if I did not make it in. It still was very comforting when I got my acceptance letter though.

    I probably will know more when I have my nursing meeting the week before school starts.

  10. by   littleredheaddeb
    Hello! I too am starting the ASN program in the fall in Fort Wayne. Right now, after visiting the bookstore, I am sooo overwhelmed. But I am looking forward to getting started.

    As far as the cutoff numbers, I heard it was 200 for the fall class. I know I was scared to death until I got my letter in the mail because I had heard that the scores were high.

    Good luck to you guys this semester.
  11. by   BigT
    Cool. Nice to meet someone that will be in the classes. Looks like I might meet ya at the orientation meeting next Friday. I'll be one of the few (if only) guy(s) there. :>)