Any Itt Tech nursing students in Indiana I am worried.

  1. Hi I recently got accepted in Itt Tech's rn program and I am a little bit worried. I know they are in candancy to get NLNAC accredidation but have to wait til the 1st class graduates and takes the boards in 2012. I have read a few post where people graduated from a school that wasn't NLNAC accredited and only accredited by the state board of nursing and they can't get a job due to that. Nursing is a passion of mine and I would hate to go to a school and find out that I can't get a job. Please help I am starting next month.
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  3. by   Maylisa
    The director of nursing where I work does not think highly of ITT tech nursing program. I would avoid it if I were you, and check out an established accredited program. You don't want to go through the program and possibly have lots of student loans to pay, and not be able to find a job because ITT's program is not what it should be. Plus ITT's credits will not transfer to a regular university so if you want to further your education later on to progress in your career, you would have to start from scratch.
  4. by   Born2BANurse1
    Hi Maylisa Thank you for replying to my post. What I don't understand is how people (DON) can say they don't think highly of something that is new. I know ITT Tech has had a lot of bad rep but that was in the past. this is a new program and new school where I will be attending. About the credits not transfering, that is only right now because they are not NLNAC accreditted. They are in that process there are steps to it which every school has had to do to start a nursing program. I appreciate the response because I like to hear what others think, not that it will change my mind. it is just funny to me how certain hospitals, nurses, students, etc can talk bad about a program that just started.
  5. by   Maylisa
    It may just have started in your area but in my area it has been around for several years. Why would you prefer to go to a 'program that just started', one with an unproven track record, one that is outrageously expensive, rather than to an established, respected, fully accredited program? Your career and future job prospects are too important to gamble with.
  6. by   Born2BANurse1
    I think you should recheck the part where you said the program has been around for several years where you live. The nursing program is new to all Itt Tech's I am not positive but the longest one is maybe just coming up on two years. Where are you from I would like to check on the Itt Tech where you live.

    The reason that I am not going to another school that has already been established is because I did already. I have been trying for 6yrs to get in the program at Ivy Tech. My prereq grades are A in A&P2, B in A&p1, A in psych, and A in english. The TEA's is where my problem is. I took it and scored in the high 90's in all areas except math. I failed the math by two points. Also they keep changing up classes you have to take, and now they are changing the TEA's. I was looking into St Francis University which is almost 700 a credit hour, but a good program from what I hear. I truely understand where you are coming from with why take a chance and not be able to get a job after graduation and that is where my worries fall in. However, I asked the lord to help me with tis and said a prayer. The signs that I have received so far are to go with Itt Tech. I have faith so I don't want to turn away when I asked for specific signs and not trust in our father. I am sure everything will be ok. God is good.
  7. by   ExtraShotNoWhip
    I know things are very discouraging with the TEAS test and Ivy Tech; however, keep at it. Ivy Tech is an accredited respected school. New is not always bad...but it is new, unestablished, and often times people ( BON, employers, other schools) do not know what to do with that. Since it is new there may be changes during the program. As others have said, when you are done your credits may not transfer to other schools, employers may not look at you, and even worse you may not be able to sit for the boards. My advice would be to keep at it with the TEAS test. Get a tutor if need be. If you do not have it, Ivy Tech's bookstore as well as the ATI website (, sells a book specifically to study for the TEAS. It is hard to argue with "tried and true".
  8. by   Born2BANurse1
    I did get the book and the book was not good. You said that Itt Tech students may not be able to sit for boards. NOT TRUE. ITT Tech is accredited already by indiana state board of nursing. Graduates will be able to sit for boards. Itt Tech has a class in Indy graduating their 1st nursing students in Nov this yr. We will all see how they do on boards. Another thing Ivy Tech's credits don't transfer everywhere dear, did you not read the paper about that recently. Also Ivy Tech has a little bad rep to and so does every other school. No school is perfect.
  9. by   ExtraShotNoWhip
    I know no school is perfect. I was not bashing ITT Tech just saying it is new, and as I said, not everyone know what to do with that. You appear to have done your research. I just did not want someone that wants to go into nursing get burned.
  10. by   Born2BANurse1
    Yes I did do a lot of research and calling around believe me. I was going to change my mind and go to St. Francis University in Crown Point, In but I decided against that school because it's to expensive and I already was accepted in to Itt Tech's program. Last year St. Francis was in the same boat as ITT, they were starting a new ASN program and wasn't fully accredited. They did get full accredidation and are doing good.I am sure Itt will do good also.
  11. by   tnbutterfly
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