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  1. I've just recently been admitted to the generic program at WSCN. The accelerated program. I was wondering if recent students can give me some feedback on the school and hopefully some feed back on the generic program as well. Thank you so much.
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  3. by   lvaliav
    hey kitcat,

    I am looking into this school and i was wondering (if you dont mind me asking) what was your gpa? Do you know why you choose this school? Etc etc.. feel free to message me as well. Thank you =)
  4. by   kitcat89
    Yeah my GPA was a 3.08. I only applied to two schools. It was between WSCN and Chamberlain. I did finalize my acceptance at Chamberlain, but when I found out I got into West Suburban I chose that school. So far I've heard that Chamberlain, well the campus in Addison has not yet been accredited, due to the fact it is a new school and their first graduating class has yet to graduate. So their accreditation is based on the graduating class' passing rate. Also I would be graduating practically one year earlier at WSCN compared to Chamberlain. Not that, that is a big deal because everybody graduates at their own pace. But it was a plus. Also their is an association WSCN has with a hospital I was looking into, and that also was a factor in my decision making process. I know that all the threads here about WSCN are pretty negative, but they are outdated I have heard they have improved, and they have a new staff. And both schools were very very helpful in my admissions process, but I felt as though Chamberlain was more concerned with the money making aspect. Hope this helped somewhat.
  5. by   lvaliav
    u are awesome! it helped alot! thanks yea i wasnt sure about chamberlain accreditation? I mean i know their school is based off the st. louis campus formerly known as Deaconess but I just assumed they were. Thank so much for a fast and a well informed reply. =)
  6. by   Katiebaby4848
    woo i will be going to wscn for the generic program in the fall as well!!! =) my gpa is 3.2 cumulative (but the past 4 semesters it has been 3.4-3.8). i choose this school for the same reasons but also location, i got accepted to aurora u, msoe, st. xavier, u of st francis, and a few others but they are all kind of far from me and have 5 semester long programs instead of the four wscn has. at their open house they also said resurrection can give us part time cna jobs if we want, which i plan on doing as well but at a facility by my house.

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