Working the free clinic in Chicago August (CURE network & Remote Area Medical)? - page 2

If you are working at this clinic do you want to meet up down there? I am coming from wayyyyyy out of town.... Read More

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    So excited -- one week to go!

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    Quote from lisa0615
    live 20 minutes from Chicago..this is my first time hearing about such a opportunity. Can someone tell me if I would be able to volunteer as a RN? I registered online already as a general volunteer because I haven't received my license yet. (passed the Nclex on 7/28). Any info would be great!!!!
    Did you get your license in the mail yet?

    I can tell you that they will ask you to bring your license with you and they will take a copy of it. Kind of a bummer for you. Are you an LPN by chance? Because they will let you work as an LPN.
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    Nope..I'm not a LPN...I hope I get my license this week..if not that okay..I'm just happy to be there.

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