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Hi, I'm very new at this so please be patient with me :) I've researched the LPN program with Wilbur Wright College at the Humbolt Park Vocational Education Center in Chicago, IL. Has anyone attended the program? Can anyone... Read More

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    Quote from JessiBoopCNA
    Hi Smokey2112, future students of this program will find that they are EXTREMELY disorganized, and treat the students like they're in high school. You are literally not allowed to "talk back" or prove a point without getting called in to the director's office, and she is something else! They are truly ridiculous. Also, ATI exams are given (the TEAS's company) and there are 9 thick books and 6 discs that are to be studied on ON YOUR OWN TIME, yet you have 1 chance to take the exam and the study materials are given a week before the exams. MANY, MANY students called the district office to complain, so the heat is on.
    WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! I don't even know what to say to all that.. that's just f'd up INSANE!!!! WOW!

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    Quote from JessiBoopCNA
    Hello, I don't know why my email wasn't updating me with responses until now , but for Ruby2623 and rimilena, Wright/HPVC uses the TEAS V version, (and he took his sweet time doing so, so there was time lossed, which resulted in lower scores).
    Thank you JessiBoopCNA for your reply, that is crazy. I am so glad you guys are calling and complaining about it because they think they can do/say whatever and students just have to swallow it!!
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    hi there. im interested in being a part of your group on facebook regarding the reviews, tips and.advice about.wright.college.current nursing.students or alumni. my email on fb is babycortez_21@yahoo.com

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    As of now, the facebook group is deactivated until further. However, when I do type in your email addresses on fb, your profiles don't come up anyway, so I would not be able to add you if it were activated, and just to be very clear -the group is only for graduates and present students of the program. Thank you all for your requests in joining my group, I'll keep you posted in the future.
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    Okay, well im looking into the LPN program at wright and wanted to see more comments of what people thought about the program. Jessi are you currently in the lpn or rn program at wright? im debating whether to do the program at wright college or morton college. If you were accepted in the program what lpn teachers did u like? and also how was the teas entrance exam like? i passed the entrance exam at morton college and theirs was the acuplacer which consisted of algebra, arithmetic, reading comprehensive, sentencing skills. i see the teas at wright college consists of math reading and science. how would u rate the entrance exam there?
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    Quote from DynetteMA
    I would love to join your group my email is dwhitten34@gmail.com Thanks
    I would like to join your group my e mail remilena@yahoo.com
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    Hey !!! Have some questions regarding the rn completion program please send me a quick email so I can respond with my questions. I would greatly apreciate it!!!

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    I would love to join ur group on fb my email is mzteenu@hotmail.com
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    Quote from SPower82
    I got to say, im in their RN completion program and it is much better. Not sure if its because the instructors respect us more (which they do and Im not sure why), because the material is easier (a lot of it is review from the LPN), Its less stressful (due to the fact you kinda know what to expect form nursing school culture), or some other reason I cant put my finger on. My advise to the previous poster would be to go to the RN completion program.

    But once your in the program, study for your HESI starting the first day. In cohort just ahead of us only 15/47 passed on the first try....ouch! If you dont pass the second time you have to repeat the whole program! imagine the stress of that, so START STUDYING EARLY EARLY EARLY...
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    I submitted an application to wilbur wright Lpn with a gpa of 3.5 and teas score of 54% and i have a cna,can someone tell me do I have a chance of been accepted and am really looking into another school northwestern institute.What is the admission procedure to wilbur wright after getting an email,or should I just face northwestern institute,please i need some advice.Thanks.

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