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Where to take A&P????

  1. 0 I'm trying to decide where to take A&P I/II for ABSN/MSN prereqs in the Chicago area. I'm thinking either Oakton CC in Des Plaines or Harold Washington College in Chicago. I hear the Oakton class is really hard. I would need to take it on Saturday (9am-4pm 20 miles from my house) because I work full time during the week in the city and can't get up to Des Plaines in time for a 6pm weekday class. I'm hesitant to take Harold Washington's A&P because Lewis University (one of the ABSN programs I'm applying to) doesn't accept it, though the other 4-5 programs I'm looking at do. What do you guys think? 9am Saturday Oakton A&P (which is on a Saturday and is supposed to be super tough) or weekday evening Harold Washington A&P (which Lewis won't take but could be easier to get an A)??
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    COD has tons of classes at all different times and locations!
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    Sorry it's a little late. I'm accepted into Lewis U's ABSN program and I took AP at Waubonsee CC. It's accepted from there. Personally I would just take it where it's closest, cheapest, and accepted at the most places. It's a difficult class regardless.
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    Hi - don't know if you're still looking

    I'm currently taking A&P I at Malcolm X. I took intro Bio at Harold Washington this summer. I'm applying to Graduate Entry MSN programs, including UIC.

    STAY AWAY FROM HAROLD WASHINGTON. The administration there is horrible. I was told FIVE different days to register for classes, they don't return your messages and the only way to meet with an advisor is to make a phone appointment but they never answer the phone, one of the receptionists is the rudest man I've ever had the displeasure of working with, making me feel like I was stupid and horrible for wanting to take a class and not understanding their "system," etc. etc. etc. It was the worst experience of my life. I have no idea how anyone successfully graduates from Harold Washington.

    Malcolm X, on the other hand, is great. They have parking if you have a car and are just as close on the L. The Biology department is great and I LOVE my professor. You can message me for more info on him if you want. Plus, the registration staff is very nice, the wait for financial aid or registration is a lot shorter, and they actually call you back - I had a problem with dropping a class but still getting charged, and I called and left a message; the next day, they called me back, saying they had already fixed it. Compare this to Harold Washington where I called 6 days in a row and made 2 campus visits just to register for a class that I had tested into but their system wasn't updated (and never actually managed to, I went to Malcolm X on a whim to try and get help and was helped IMMEDIATELY)

    So yes, take it from me, a student at both, Malcolm X is the place to go!!