West Suburban College of Nursing

  1. has anyone who applied to wscn get accepted yet? i am still waiting, i have gotten accepted to aurora university and u of st francis nursing program and a few others months ago, but i ended up changing my mind (something that happens with me quite often) and decided wscn is my #1 choice. it is closest to where i live, besides chamberlain which after visiting i decided that will not be a good choice for me.. i digress, my application is complete, and i am just waiting, i applied for the generic program for fall 2010. waiting makes me nervous; i wish i could get a direct answer to when i would know, so i could have at least one backup plan. has anyone been informed yet for this fall or if any previous fall students can let me know around when they were accepted or denied? thanks!!
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  3. by   lvaliav
    just out of curiousity, why did you choose west suburban? I was looking into that school and was wondering if the school is doing better? Alot of people were complaining about it saying its not organized and etc. Any input would be nice thanks.... And congrats on getting into the other programs! I am sure you will get into WSCN if you got into the other ones! Thats awesome =)
  4. by   Katiebaby4848
    i choose it because compared to the programs i got into it is shorter, 2 years (4 semesters). au and usf are both 2.5 years (5 semesters). wscn breaks each semester in half, so each class is only 7 weeks long, which will be a challenge, but i personally think i can handle that. i also like that the school is actually in a hospital, and that it is small. the school as far as i could see is doing well; they had a 93% pass rate on their nclex. i visited a few weeks ago and their sim lab isn't as nice as the sim lab at usf but i feel since it is located in a hospital, there will be more opportunities to work with people. thank you i am pretty sure i will get in; i just get really anxious waiting soo long!
  5. by   xc31
    As I just graduated last week from WSCN, I can say that the school is doing better.
  6. by   lvaliav
    wow congratss nurse! =) and that is good to hear that the school is doing better!
  7. by   Katiebaby4848
    Nice, congrats on graduating! And I just got my acceptance letter last week!
  8. by   vladak86
    I applied to WSCN too but I still have to take the TEAS which is in a few days. Their deadline has been moved to June 1st so I think they will start mailing letters after that date. May I ask why you decided against Chamberlain?
  9. by   Katiebaby4848
    i decided against chamberlain for mostly personal preference reasons, the school is not even its own school, it is the back of the devry building, it’s a new program so no one knows yet if the program is even good as far as i know they haven't had a class take the nclex, i had someone i went to community college with who actually dropped out of chamberlain because it was so unorganized. i just really haven't heard anything good about the school, it may be a great school, just not for me.
    good luck on the teas i would recommend getting the study guide if you haven't because west sub will only take 80% or higher on it. try to get all your application materials into wscn soon because they are already reviewing the applications, like i said i just heard from wscn and i am in the fall 2010 generic bsn class, and at the open house i attended they said they can only take 60 people for each semester if you are trying for the generic and 20 for evening/weekend.
  10. by   rngrad122010
    Definitely would have picked one of the other schools if I could do it over again!

    And the school being in a hospital doesn't really mean much, many of the clinical sites are not West Sub.
  11. by   digitiminimi
    What didn't you like about West Suburban, rngrad122010?
  12. by   Elizabeth22
    Quote from Katiebaby4848
    Nice, congrats on graduating! And I just got my acceptance letter last week!
    Hi i have a question I want to apply to WSC, how was Teas exam?
  13. by   Student8
    I am a current West Suburban student. I like certain aspects of the program, and I also dislike other aspects of the program. The school is very expensive, and some of the teachers can be very belittling to the students. The clinical settings are throughout the Chicagoland area, and the clinical experience is one of the best parts about school. The school just changed its name, and the hospital where the school is currently located was just sold, so the school will be moving to another location soon. They will not tell us when or where. It's a little scary when you pay 20,000+ a year for tuition. Be prepared for ongoing changes in addition to trying to pass all of your classes!
  14. by   Maladroit
    I applied to WSCN and Chamberlain this year. I would have been granted acceptance had 2 of my science classes not been expiring by the start of classes. I got into Chamberlain, instead. The TEAS and HESI were both pretty easy. The HESI seemed easier, the TEAS was longer and we all got kicked off the system for about 20 mins. while they rebooted and everything, kind of a pain. I wasn't too thrilled about some of the places where WSCN sends their students for clinicals, but liked their shorter schedule. Chamberlain has a really new and neat SIM lab and is very clean and centralized within the building...I like the campus feel of Chamberlain. Now that I know WSCN is moving to an undisclosed location at an undisclosed time, I'm really happy that I didn't get accepted. And for me, Chamberlain is just a simple bus ride away and I don't have to go all the way to Oak Park on a train...works out better for me.