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  1. hello, i was wondering if anyone is enrolled in or taken the cna course at waubonsee community college? i am currectly enrolled to begin in january and have contacted the dean's assistant and the course teacher but am not getting any follow up from them? i don't understand why it's so hard for them to answer my questions?

    just wanting to know... [color=#365f91]what health care supplies will be needed, and if there is a specific uniform and shoes that need to be purchased from waubonsee or can i purchase them from a uniform store? i was also wondering if there is a required form for the proof of the tb test or will a note from my doctor be sufficient?
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  3. by   kimski10
    You won't need anything the first day of class except your book. The instructor will go over everything will you before clinicals. I too was a nervous wreck and ended up emailing the instructor before the first class to see what we'd need because I couldn't take it. lol
    You'll need a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope before clinicals to practice with at home and in class, which you can get from the bookstore. You'll get your name tag from your instructor before clinicals. Your uniform is white pants and I think a blue top (I can't remember!) and mostly white shoes. You'll also have to buy a gait belt before clinicals to practice with in class, this can be bought at the bookstore as well. The 2 step TB test will have to be from your doctor. I believe it had to be on their letterhead and it has to be the 2 step test.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!
  4. by   MrsMeg
    Thanks KimSki,
    Do we have to purchase the Uniform from School or can we use any uniform store?

    Is CNA the only thing you took at Waubonsee? I am doing this class first because well it's the basics and the stepping stone for everything. After CNA I am thinking about the Phlebotomy and EKG but then I was also thinking about jumping right into the pre requisites for Nursing. Any advise?

    Thanks so much! Mrs Meg
  5. by   kimski10
    I think I got my from a regular uniform store. They'll give you more details when clinicals get closer.

    I've taken the CNA class, Nutrition, Chemistry and I'm registered for the EMT-B class and A&P I next semester. I'm using the EMT-B class to hopefully get and ER job while I'm in nursing school. Phelbotomy is a good skill to have, they make better money than CNAs or PCTs if you're looking to work while you're doing your RN, plus you'll be a step ahead of the game when you do your nursing classes because you'll have had a lot of practice finding veins.
  6. by   tanika08
    I was thinking about whether or not I want to take this program or not. If I am here in Illinois still at the time of when it is I believe I will. What month does it take place in and would you reccomend for anyone who has the chance, to sign up for it? Could you explain some of the things you did so I could understand more what to look forward to possibly?
  7. by   kimski10
    Here is the course description from Waubonsee's website on the CNA class: This course, approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health, is designed to prepare persons to function in the role of nurse assistant in a variety of health care settings. Content includes basic nursing procedures, food service, body mechanics, safety measures, special treatments, communication skills, and care of persons with Alzheimers disease and related dementias. Clinical experiences are provided in long-term care facilities. Note: Due to state attendance requirements, students must register by the first day of class. Included in the fees are: $50 for state competency exam, $15 for state criminal background check, and $4 for a WCC student name badge. Please note that Waubonsee processes and sponsors this application once at the completion of the course. Students must complete CNA testing in the Center for Learning Assessment for appropriate advising and/or placement into the course. All students enrolled in the course are required by the Illinois Department of Public Health to have a background check prior to clinical experiences. In addition, students must provide evidence of a 2-step test for tuberculosis (TB) prior to the first clinical day. A valid social security number is required at the time of enrollment. Prereq: Reading assessment; 16 years of age or older.

    You can get information about start dates for next semester by searching the course schedule: http://www.waubonsee.edu/learning/ca...ules/index.php