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Has anyone heard if you've gotten an interview yet? Starting to get anxious!!... Read More

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    Hi everyone! I am starting to get soo nervous about hearing back about the program. I applied for the PNP program, and when I was looking at the forum from the 2010 cohort and it seems that everyone started hearing back around the 23rd... so crazy! Good luck to everyone and please let us know when you hear back!
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    I am also very nervous/anxious about hearing about the program. I applied for Adult/Geriatric NP. It does seem like last year the applicants heard back around April 23-26. I hope we all hear soon. Good luck to everyone!
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    Wow. I know! It seems like a lot of people who were posting on this forum last year got in, perhaps that suggests success. I'm going crazy. I don't have much confidence because of my interview.

    Jeannie25, did you apply to other programs? I also did geri/adult and am really worried. Do you have a non-science undergrad background? I interviewed with people who didn't. Do you have a lot of health care experience; I volunteer in a hospital and have to see family members through illness which really motivated me to seek this out.

    I hope everyone can try to relax like this guy ^^^ and best of luck to all.
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    CatManCatMan I have not applied for other programs but I am planning to apply for Depaul, Rush, and Marquette's GEP programs if I do not get into UIC (i am also considering reapplying to UIC and/ or even an accelerated RN program than applying for graduate school if I do not get into UIC). UIC is my first choice because they offer NP as opposed to clinical nurse leader. I do have a science undergraduate background, some health care experience (i volunteer at a hospital and nursing home), and family illnesses that influence my decision to want to become a NP; but some of the people I interviewed with did not have an undergraduate science background. I think what is so unique about this program (and scary bc i am not 100% sure what they are looking for in applicants) is that applicants come from diverse backgrounds. Did you apply to other programs? Did you have an undergraduate science background? Good luck to everyone!
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    No. I studied Spanish and sociology as an undergrad, that is about 4 years behind me. I didn't apply to other programs because I haven't taken organic chemistry or micro. I suppose I could have applied to Yale, but it is so expensive : (

    I bet you'll get in! Good luck again, everyone!
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    So has anyone heard anything yet? I applied to the FNP concentartion and I am hoping we will find out by next Friday!!! I was already accepted to the Jane Addams College of Social Work at UIC, so if I don't get into this one and only nursing program I applied to, I am doing that. A little different than nursing but I am alright with that. Still, I can't help but check my email 30 times an hour!! Good luck everyone!!!!
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    I applied to PNP and still haven't heard anything yet either. Also going crazy with the wait!!! My life is a bit on hold until we find out, so hopefully sometime soon... Good luck to everyone
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    I also applied to PNP and haven't heard anything yet. I hope we hear soon! Good luck to all of you!
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    I applied to WHNP and have been checking my e-mail every few hours lol I got into Depaul's masters entry program so if I don't get into UIC I'll do that, but I would just prefer UIC. Good luck everyone!
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    Got my rejection letter today.
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    sorry mt56.......what is your plan now? p.s what part of TX are you from? I lived in Austin for two years and miss it every day!!
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    I graduated from UT! I LOVE Austin! I live in Houston now, unfortunately. I'm not too disappointed. I knew it was a long shot.
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    I'm sorry to hear that, MT59. It's a super competitive program so don't get too down about it. What specialty did you apply to? Has anyone else heard anything? Grrrr....I'm not looking forward to another weekend of waiting.

    Just out of curiosity, did you get an actual letter or an email?