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Has anyone heard if you've gotten an interview yet? Starting to get anxious!!... Read More

  1. by   WordGirl44
    Yes its on the 7th. Congrats and good luck to you too!!
  2. by   Jennacoh
    I was considering on applying to the family health NP program... if you don't mind me asking, what was all of your experience/gre/gpa when applying to the program?
    i think it's a reach for me, but i'll being applying at the end of the summer.

    thanks and congrats to all of you!
  3. by   ABosslet
    Does anyone know the address to the nursing building?
  4. by   MT56
    Has anyone interviewed yet? How did it go?
  5. by   CatManCatMan
    I had my interview and it was awful because I was really nervous; I felt like I was rambling. I think I gave the impression I'd be a really bad nurse as I couldn't even handle an interview without turning red. Does anybody have a sense of how important the interviews are?

    I was also told that we'd find out in 6 weeks, yet the website says notices will be sent between 4/20 and 4/30. Did anybody hear any thing corroborating either time frames?

    Good luck to everybody.
  6. by   MT56

    Which specialty did you apply to?

    For PNP, I know that there were originally 46 applicants, and they offered interviews to 23. They are only accepting 4 students, so the interviews are crucial!

    So sorry to hear it didn't go well! Mine wasn't all that great either. Not horrible, but not awesome. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I don't know anything about the time frame.
  7. by   CatManCatMan
    Hi MT56,

    As everybody has been telling me, I'm sure you did better than you think.

    I applied to adult/geri and I got an email saying they had 27 applicants for 7 to 8 spots, and they were doing interviews of 3 to 4 people between 9 and 12 (on monday), so that's 11 or 12 people interviewed for 7 to 8 spots... However, in the interview, a professor said that there were actually either 60 for 18 spots.

    I hope you're not in agony waiting. Again, best of luck.
  8. by   tulip19
    I applied to PNP and feel like my interview was awful too. Even though the interviewers were SO nice, I felt like I just couldn't get it together to come up with good answers because I was SO NERVOUS!!! My friends/family said the same thing, though, so hopefully they are right...hopefully we all did better than we think!?! Good luck to all
  9. by   Nursemidwifehopeful
    My interviewer for nurse-midwifery was very nice as well....

    Does anyone else feel like they only said 10 percent of what they really wanted to tell the interviewer? I am glad to hear that this has been difficult for all of us

    To CatMan: I was told that we would hear back in the beginning of May, so maybe this means about 4 weeks?

    Good luck to anyone who has not interviewed yet!
  10. by   Jeannie25
    Hi, I interviewed for the adult/geri NP. It was less scary than I thought it would be but I also felt like I could have said more. My interviewers said that they were accepting between 7 to 8 applicants for this program; and that we should hear between 04/20-04/28. Good luck everyone!
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  11. by   chirun
    My interviewer was extremely nice as well! Hopefully that's a good sign? I thought my interview went well but I do realize that it's a very competitive program, I was told that they only accept 4-5 for WHNP. Also, my interviewer said they are going to go through all of the applications for WHNP/nurse midwifery next Wed and make final decisions...but then the decisions have to go through the Graduate College and get approved so that could take a few weeks. I guess these next few weeks will be a lesson in patience....good luck to everyone
  12. by   Jax8
    I also did not feel like I said everything I wanted to. Right now I'm doing my best not to over analyze and rethink everything I said. Overall though I felt it went well. I interviewed Monday the 5th for acute care and was told they were making decisions that day but the decisions needed approval so we wouldn't find out for a couple of weeks. So I know a decision has been made I just don't know what it is yet! so anxious to find out. Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   mc88
    I interviewed for Adult/ Geriatric NP and feel the same way. The interviewers were very nice and it was a bit more informal than I expected. I hope I said enough. I'm with you on the not over-analyzing it and just trying to stay patient. Good luck to everyone!

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