UIC BSN applicants for fall 2012

  1. hi guys

    Jan 15th has passed and now its time for the wait, I am pretty nervous because UIC is my number one choice and I would really love to start this BSN program in the fall. Its one of the best schools out there for nursing not only in the state, but in the entire US. Their grad programs are ranked among the best. So I am sure you guys want it just as bad as I do. Now its just time to wait till late April to find out whats going to happen.

    who has applied to this program? and are you guys pretty nervous about this whole process? what do you guys think they are looking for in an applicant? what do you think is the deciding factor outside of just total package? is it GPA, medical experiance, essays, letters of reccomendation, etc..????

    It was a pretty long application process so I know you guys are dedicated and put the time in. So lets hope for the best, feel free to join this thread at anytime.
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  3. by   nursejilly1
    I applied for that semester!
    I actually went to an info session recently about the program there. It was sort of funny the way she explained the admission standards:
    She began by saying that the average admitted GPA for last year was a 3.5. That surprised me, and it got my hopes up because I'm currently at a 3.87. She explained that this was one of the major aspects they look at, if not the most important.
    Next, she explained that an admission decision depends on how well we write. That will show in all those essay questions we had to answer that make up our personal statement. I feel pretty good about those.
    Finally, she said that they really look at our letters of recommendation. In fact, she mentioned that they have received BAD letters of rec! I thought that was kind of funny. For my application, I asked my CNA instructor and my boss, with whom I work as a manager.
    So all this information got my hopes up really high! I'm thinking to myself throughout the information session that I should be all set to get into the program. Then, the adviser hit us hard.
    She explained that over 700 people applied to the program, and of those 700, 200 will not be eligible either due to an incomplete application or they do not meet the minimum criteria. So, of those 500 remaining applicants, 96 will be admitted. DANG!

    Good luck to you . Maybe we will be classmates if we both get in!
  4. by   Mu2012
    Hi,I'm waiting for it too! I want to get in so bad. I wonder if anybody knows about the program for the first semester. How can I check the class schedule just want to know how many day that we have to go to school. How pack is it? I just want to plan ahead if I can get in! I'm very nervous! Thanks!
  5. by   Nikki9211
    Hey guys, I am currently attending college of Dupage and taking all the prerequesits there for the nursing program at UIC, but I am gonna apply for the Fall of 2013 but I am still pretty nervous and trying to do anything possible that will just let me to get into this program.. Have you guys do anything outside the school like volunteering or CNA in order to increase the chances of getting in? also UIC nursing program doesn't require any math classes which is so weird, did you guys take any math classes?
  6. by   Mu2012
    Yes, they are not require but I have statistics. I can't wait for next month. I'm so nervous
  7. by   futureglobalnurse21
    hey guys!!! so for some reason my allnurses.com did not send me an email with all these comments. yes I am very very very nervous about this whole thing, but you know what. at least they are taking 96 instead of the usual 80!!! you know nursejilly1, My gpa is very very high but my essays are kind of lacking in grammar. The content was great, I have so many life experiences and I did not struggle at all writing them, but after I submitted the essays, I had a friend look them over and he said I made a few grammar mistakes but nonetheless the content is excellent. I barely made the deadline so I did not have time to get them looked over at a writing center or etc..

    It makes me really nervous knowing how much they value our writing skills but again we are not english majors and I do speak another language so I really hope they take that into consideration. 3.5 was the average gpa?? wow, I thought it would be around the 3.7 or 3.8 mark. and she said more than 700 applicants? well at least it was not 800 like last year. I really hope you guys get in. You guys seem determined and want it bad or else you would have never found this thread.

    Did any of you guys apply for the nursing scholorship? and did they tell you exactly when decisions will be made at the info session nursejilly1??
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  8. by   futureglobalnurse21
    and also, i believe for the first semester you are pretty much there every single day, or 4 out of 5 days. I read that on a thread from 2010. I have experience working at a clinic on the west side of chicago, I am also a CNA but I am not working as a CNA, the clinic is more like paper work and etc.. so I dont know if they will look at that as medical experience or not, but i do get to interact with pt's. Do any of you guys have medical experience?
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  9. by   Mu2012
    Hi, thanks for the information. I want to get into UIC so bad. I hope my experience will help, but I really don't know. I was a radiological technologist from another country and I want to change my career. I didn't have any experience in US so I don't know that will effect my profile or not. I worked in hospitals before but it was four years ago. I also an international student. It's so many things that I'm afraid of that I will be one of a weak candidate. Do you guys finish all the subjects that school is required? I need to take four classes this semester and two more in summer. I don't know if many people finish it all before applying. I'm very nervous about it that I didn't finish it all.
  10. by   futureglobalnurse21
    dont worry about not having all of your classes done, your medical experience is good, and different, which will make you stand out. I personally only had 2 classes to do this semester and that is it. everything else was done, but I dont think that makes a difference because there is someone in one of my classes that applied to UIC and he is taking 5 classes this semester for pre nursing at UIC, so you are in the same boat as him. and you are international student. This is a good thing because i dont know of that many people that applied that were international students.I hope your gpa is solid to make you a strong candidate because everything else seems ok
  11. by   Mu2012
    Thanks for sharing your info. My gpa is a little above 3.7. I hope that will help but I really don't know what 's going to be. Before I really don't care about the program in UIC because it's very expensive for me but by now I really want to know the result so bad and I want to study there. Many people said about a good thing in this school. I'm very depress when it's coming closer and closer. Good luck to you,too!

    Do you have any friend that already study there?
  12. by   futureglobalnurse21
    No i do not? do you? and if you do, what were their stats like to get them into the program?
  13. by   Mu2012
    I don't have either.
  14. by   Beyondbeautiful
    Hi futureglobalnurse21,

    Good luck on your application! I am a pre-nursing student at UIC. I submitted my application for fall 2012 also. recently, I attended an information session about the process given by a gentleman on the board of admissions. He explained that the application process is split between 33% for grades 33% for essays and 33% for recommendation letters and volunteering or working in a medical atmosphere. He said that the highest GPA they admitted was 3.7 or higher, however they did accept some as low as 2.75. He explained that UIC wants people who are not only great academically, but can also interact with patients and do the job of a nurse well, which is why some 2 point GPAs get in the program. In the essays they look for how well your essays are structured, your vocabulary and how concise. He said that the recommendations hold a great weight and if you are doing something in the medical field, such as CNA/LPN work, or anything with patient interaction is a plus. Mainly because they have over the years found that sometimes once people get in the program, they don't like to touch people who are not well groomed, or may smell bad ect. and drop out the class. They do receive about 900 applications. at least 500 will not meet the requirement and out of the 400 left the 96 are chosen. WOOOOWW! The 3 minimum sciences classes they really look at if all 5 are not completed is the Kinesiology one, general chem and survey of organic bio chem. He did say that if those classes are not the the three you have it MAY NOT affect your application. It is beyond competitive. Another nursing advisor told me that most people have a better chance at getting into heaven as Satan's child than into the program. From the information session it seems they are looking for a well rounded group of individuals which is why the GPA is across the board. If you have some medical or volunteer experience though I think it will help a lot. Ive only applied to 2 schools. My GPA is 3.5 and I work for an HIV/AIDS research clinic, my essays are very well written and rec letters are very strong, yet I'm still nervous! I Look at it like this the worst thing that could happen is that I wont get in. The typical schedule are classes on Mon, Wed, Fri. SimLab on Tuesday and clinical site on Thurs. There is no way that you can work during the two years in the program. They have 96 percent passing rate on the nclex and he said that the other 4 percent are usually students who have decided not to take it at all. If I can help answer anything else for you just let me know. GOOD LUCK!

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