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hi guys Jan 15th has passed and now its time for the wait, I am pretty nervous because UIC is my number one choice and I would really love to start this BSN program in the fall. Its one of the... Read More

  1. by   futureglobalnurse21
    Beyondbeautiful!!I love your words!! You are seriously awesome! Yes! Let's plan on meeting at orientation God willing! You just never know. Only time will tell. So we will see. It's smart for you to put 100 down to secure a seat. And hey, if you get into uic. That 100 will be longggggg gone in your memories! You will be fine and happy you are in the city! So when are we suppose to hear back about wait list? I mean like when should we expect to hear something or when are those taken off going to maybe hear? Is it early may?
  2. by   futureglobalnurse21
    anyone hear anything back about waitlist? or know of anyone that has been taken off waitlist?? i still have no heard a thing besides an email confermation stating they recieved my paperwork
  3. by   Beyondbeautiful
    hey Future,

    The wait list is a lottery system. you will be pulled from a group of other students with similar ratings as you. They start admitting off the wait list from May up until the first day of classes in August. A nursing advisor told me this information. So at this point for me due to the stress level I am experiencing. If I get in Great. It would work out as far as time and money is concerned and if not there are other schools. I mean UIC definitely has a great reputation, but for me its not worth the mental strain I initially experienced before submitting my application. There are other schools and as long as you go somewhere that has a great passing rate for NCLEX you will be fine. I mean we will still get the credentials we want. Hope all is well with you and relax, try not to stress... easier said than done right. But trust me it helps.
  4. by   futureglobalnurse21
    is it a complete lottery?? or do they break the 40 students down into groups and pull that way, like 3 or 4 different groups. or do they just select from all of the students? its sooo wierd they have this systme! they should have ranked the list, or I guess if they rate students in your group. maybe they have like a top group, a medium level and lower level. idk , all the canidates are amazing so that would be a tough one for them
  5. by   Beyondbeautiful
    It is a complete lottery. I'm sure they have some way of sorting, yet, I'm sure there are not many people to sort. I had finals today in the college of nursing for a human development class that I am taking. There was a class of 2012 poster with the nursing graduates on there and It motivated me with all the academic stress I have experienced lately to keep pushing. back to the subject. Calling them is futile, as they provide as little info as possible and can not give you any reason why you we're wait listed. Loop after loop. Congrads to all that did get in initially! And as for you and I future plus the others.. we wait. The response will come when you least expect it. Hopefully the answer is yes. My thing is we have to wait until a spot opens. I'm not sure how many people would turn down UIC but hey our first choice may be their last and if so, I want to know where they applied. I assume that once the drug screenings are done in July spots will open up. Not saying anything bad about anyone but hey some people have vices we don't know about. Enjoy your summer Future. Hey are you in school now?
  6. by   futureglobalnurse21

    I tried calling and you are soooo right, they give you as little info as possible about the waitlist, its almost like come on, but I honestly think its not lottery and they just tell people that. tuition deposits are due for people who were admitted, it was due may 1st, so there should have been a few spots that opened up. at least 7 to 10 from what I heard over the years, many people have UIC as second choice, especially if they are applying from indiana or wisconsin, they have their own school first and UIC admits them to get more money for out of state tuition but to realize that UIC was not the first choice for them, I am guessing next week people will get called. oriantation is june1st for this coming fall so I am guessing they will get as many people as they can off the waitlists because spots are open now as we speak. school is good, actually if i dont get into uic i might go out of state, we will see. but classes are good and I am still motivated, honestly. if i dont get off the waitlist, i truly truly hope they call you. because you deserve it! stay motivated ! and keep at it, you will make an amazing nurse.
  7. by   Beyondbeautiful
    Hey Future! heard anything?
  8. by   futureglobalnurse21
    No, nothing yet . You? I might be working out of state full time so idk if I could have started. Things came up. I heard some people got called already. I hope you were one of them
  9. by   Beyondbeautiful
    No Not yet... I'm not worried about it though. Whatever happens I'm prepared. So what will you do if they call? Will you come back to Chicago, or not. Hope all is well.
  10. by   TraumaRNHopeful
    I know this is a discussion from a year ago, but I've followed the whole thing basically bc I am going through what all of you went through. My status on apply.uic.edu went from "materials received, please await further instruction" to "referred to college for review." Does that just mean they saw I did the application correctly so it is going to be looked at for content now?