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hi guys Jan 15th has passed and now its time for the wait, I am pretty nervous because UIC is my number one choice and I would really love to start this BSN program in the fall. Its one of the best schools out there for ... Read More

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    I tried calling and you are soooo right, they give you as little info as possible about the waitlist, its almost like come on, but I honestly think its not lottery and they just tell people that. tuition deposits are due for people who were admitted, it was due may 1st, so there should have been a few spots that opened up. at least 7 to 10 from what I heard over the years, many people have UIC as second choice, especially if they are applying from indiana or wisconsin, they have their own school first and UIC admits them to get more money for out of state tuition but to realize that UIC was not the first choice for them, I am guessing next week people will get called. oriantation is june1st for this coming fall so I am guessing they will get as many people as they can off the waitlists because spots are open now as we speak. school is good, actually if i dont get into uic i might go out of state, we will see. but classes are good and I am still motivated, honestly. if i dont get off the waitlist, i truly truly hope they call you. because you deserve it! stay motivated ! and keep at it, you will make an amazing nurse.

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    Hey Future! heard anything?
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    No, nothing yet . You? I might be working out of state full time so idk if I could have started. Things came up. I heard some people got called already. I hope you were one of them
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    No Not yet... I'm not worried about it though. Whatever happens I'm prepared. So what will you do if they call? Will you come back to Chicago, or not. Hope all is well.
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    I know this is a discussion from a year ago, but I've followed the whole thing basically bc I am going through what all of you went through. My status on apply.uic.edu went from "materials received, please await further instruction" to "referred to college for review." Does that just mean they saw I did the application correctly so it is going to be looked at for content now?

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