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just wanted to start a thread for those who want to talk about applying or having already been accepted into the 2011 UIC nursing program.... Read More

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    Just wanted to check in with everybody. I've been in contact with Miss Fern and she did confirm that this is the first year that the college of nursing is using a lottery system for the waitlist. She also informed me that in past years they have gotten as far as halfway down the wait-list. Good luck everyone!

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    Quote from me-ah
    I applied to NIU and elmhurst too. unfortunately i got denied from NIU. so i'm hoping i get a call soon from UIC too. hopefully soon *crosses fingers*
    Can I ask what you GPA is? I am very interested in NIU.
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    It was mentioned that one of the times that ppl on the waitlist get called about any open spots is May 1st... I was just wondering if anyone on the waitlist has hear anything yet?
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    I emailed Ms. Fern yesterday and she informed me that the earliest that wait-listed students would hear anything is the second week in May. That's all the info I've got.
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    Thanks. I'm so anxious!
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    I just wanted to give you all on the waitlist some hope. I just graduated from UIC last week. I was accepted off the waiting list one week before classes began! I was all ready to start at another nursing school, but I dropped everything when I got into UIC and it has been the best two years of my life! Do not give up hope. They do take people off the waitlist up until the week before classes begin. People drop out or don't finish their pre-req's and believe it or not, UIC is not everyone's first choice & they might get a call from their first choice & drop out of UIC. I got a phone call letting me know about my acceptance, but I think that was because it was so close to the first day of school & they needed an answer right away. Keep checking your emails, it may just happen for you too!!! Good luck!
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    Thanks for the hope. It is really hard to be waiting. I am working on going elsewhere but I would definitely drop it all for UIC. I guess there is still hope until right before classes start.
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    has anyone on the waitlist got accepted yet?
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    nope. I was told that this year less than 10 people decined acceptance and those spots were filled in may. & that UIC did not expect many people to drop out this year. Hopefully they are wrong and some spots open up.
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    Quote from me-ah
    I got put on the waiting list also it sucks because i'm so impatient. i guess i still have some hope though..

    just wondering, but what other nursing programs did everyone also apply to besides UIC?
    If you're impatient, perhaps nursing isn't the right choice for you

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