Truman nursing program 2014

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    Hello everyone!
    I am planning to apply for Truman College’s nursing program 2014 this year. I have taken all pre requisites and today I passed the TEAS test. My question to all of you who got in the Truman Program for 2013 - any advice based on your experience - how to make your chances higher to get in to Truman versus other commuinty colleges? Does it metter when you apply? does your GPA matter where you get in : Truman, Malcom X....etc?
    I will appreciate any input!

    Good luck to all of you who are applying now!
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    Hello Agusia,

    First of all congrats on passing TEAS test. Same as you, I applied at Truman college for Fall 2014. I am not sure exactly how they evaluate applicants but I know for sure it is a combination of your GPA and % of your Teas score. Higher your GPA and TEAS score, higher the chances you will get assigned to the college of your choice.
    Hope to see you at Truman starting this Fall.

    Good luck!
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    Natasa, congratulatuon to You as well! We are half way through!
    lets stay in touch
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    hello, just a short update: My apliaction is in and I am taking Anatomy I this semester. Also heard of changes coming to ccc nursing programs...any thoughts? 2.5 months to go
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    I got in to the program!!!! Couldn't be happier