St James Chicago Heights

  1. I'm thinking about working for St. James in Chicago Heights. Does anyone have any info about their pay and benefits? I'm strongly considering them.

    This is just for those who may have the info, I don't feel comfortable calling the manager for this information.

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  3. by   Wave Watcher
    If you go to the top of page under yellow tab that says US, then click on the state you are talking about working you will probably get more answers to your question.

    Best of luck!
  4. by   Jolie
    I'm glad to hear that you don't feel comfortable calling a manager and asking for this information. To do so would be career suicide. It will be discussed at the appropriate time during the interview process, after you have applied and been screened. It is probably safe to assume that their pay and benefits are comparable to most other south suburban hospitals, especially if you are a new grad or relatively inexperienced nurse applying for an entry level staff position.
  5. by   rn undisclosed name
    I interviewed at the Olympia Fields campus and never received salary information but did receive benefits info.

    I think their benefits package was not the best. They only paid $1,000/yr for tuition reimbursement. I didn't look closely at their insurance because I don't need medical/dental insurance.

    During the interview process they were not very on the ball and think they just weren't in a hurry to fill the particular position I interviewed for. It took them over a month to call me and offer the position to me.